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How Aubuchon Hardware Built a Strong Foundation for Omnichannel Growth

One of the largest independent hardware store chains in America unified its customer experience across channels in time to tackle a global pandemic head on.
How Aubuchon Hardware Built a Strong Foundation for Omnichannel Growth
+1,200% Revenue Increase
+57% Online Reorders
2x Purchase Frequency

Aubuchon Hardware needed to unify its customer experience

Founded in 1908, Aubuchon Hardware is one of the oldest family-owned and managed hardware store chains in America. With 105 stores throughout Vermont, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Maine, Connecticut and upstate New York, the company prides itself on building customer trust and loyalty the old-fashioned way: superior selection, affordable prices, and friendly, knowledgeable service.

Aubuchon Hardware customer story

After eleven decades of steadily growing its business, Aubuchon Hardware set out to unify its customer experience across channels. The company needed to better understand its consumers’ shopping journey across digital and brick-and-mortar. In order to deliver the intuitive and seamless customer experience it wanted, Aubuchon Hardware would need a 360-degree view of inventory, and a centralized system for customer information. They turned to Magento Commerce hosted in the cloud for maximum flexibility and scalability.

Our partnership with Adobe and (Bounteous) has given us more than just an e-commerce platform. We now have the tools necessary to give our customers flexibility and ease when shopping with us, and we’ve seen great success as a result.

Will Aubuchon
CEO Aubuchon Hardware

A timely digital transformation

Working with Solution Partner FortyFour, LLC (now part of Bounteous), Aubuchon Hardware focused on ensuring that product inventory was seamlessly connected between all channels and reflected accurately to all customers. Bounteous created a custom inventory-management system that provides near real-time inventory updates as products are sold in physical stores. The inventory database is segmented by each physical store and distribution warehouse, allowing customers to see an up-to-date list of available products and an accurate inventory count for any store location.

Aubuchon Hardware customer story

Aubuchon Hardware tracks each store’s inventory and prices, allowing customers to shop by store online through a single Magento store view. Customers can shop the products available at their selected store and place orders for in-store pickup. Aubuchon Hardware also offers an enhanced paint and stain shopping experience where customers can choose from thousands of available color options online, then have their paints and stains mixed in store before pickup. Integrating the new order fulfillment options with the custom inventory-management system now makes it easy for customers to buy and fulfill at their leisure, and understand which individual stores carry their desired products.

Aubuchon Hardware was able to take advantage of a number of solutions in the Magento Marketplace to extend the functionality of their Magento Commerce store including Amasty SEO Toolkit to improve the site’s organic ranking on search engines and TurnTo for product reviews.

A Strong Foundation To Manage Through Adversity

Since the initial launch of the hardwarestore.com two years ago, customers have enjoyed shopping the products available at their selected store online and picking them up in-store, taking advantage of the true omnichannel experience Aubuchon Hardware envisioned. In fact, all of the company’s online orders are fulfilled in store. This union of the online and physical sales channels has been a boon for unplanned in-store purchases, with purchase frequency more than doubling for customers who shop both online and in-store. In addition, online reorders have increased by 57% year-to-date, and online revenue has grown by an astonishing 1,200%.

Aubuchon Hardware customer story

Having weathered the Flood of 1936 and the Hurricane of 1938, the Aubuchon family are no strangers to adversity, embracing a “can do” attitude and turning disruption into opportunity. With Aubuchon’s investment in ecommerce, their customers are now able to easily place orders online for in-store or curbside pickup. For customers that prefer to select their items in-person, Aubuchon’s ecommerce site allows them to browse real-time inventory in their nearest store, down to the in-store aisle location of the items they need. This enables them to quickly “grab and go”, without lingering indoors. Thanks to the company’s investments in digital, Aubuchon Hardware is able to ensure the safety of their employees and customers while continuing to thrive throughout the COVID-19 pandemic.