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Shipping How Cox & Cox Revolutionized their Shipping Experience

Magento Shipping helped UK-based homeware retailer Cox & Cox perfect the cart to door customer experience.
Shipping - Cox & Cox

The British homeware retailer had unique shipping needs.

Launched in 2001 in the South West of England, Cox & Cox is an online homeware, furniture, and textiles retailer currently enjoying extraordinary success: “We’re growing 20 percent year-on-year,” said Aynsley Peet, the brand’s eCommerce Manager. To scale their growth, Cox & Cox recently upgraded their Magento Open Source platform to Magento Commerce 2. “In fact, we made the decision to upgrade all our technologies at once,” said Peet. That included upgrading their shipping solution. Cox & Cox knew that by getting shipping right, they could significantly improve their overall customer experience–and bottom line.

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For a furniture company, shipping and returns is a complex process. Cox & Cox sells every size and shape of product, from small holiday decorations to huge sofas, mirrors, and tables. Their customers often order multiple combinations of different sized products–one shopping cart might contain a large rug and a small decorative dish. And Cox & Cox knows that up to 60 percent of cart abandonments are due to unexpected costs at checkout, including shipping. A further 18 percent of customers will abandon their cart if shipping will take too long. To meet their customers’ high expectations, Cox & Cox offers 10 different shipping services–a complex undertaking. So in 2018, they became one of the first companies to sign up for Magento Shipping.

For us, Magento Commerce was the logical decision.

Aynsley Peet
eCommerce Manager, Cox & Cox

Magento Shipping was faster, easier, and more flexible.

Magento Shipping is designed to optimize the way customers receive purchases, while making it easier and more cost-effective to ship products and handle returns. Implementing it was easy, Cox & Cox just connected their WMS to the Magento Shipping API.

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Cox & Cox can now easily add new carriers with pre-negotiated rates. The availability of SKU-based shipping rules allow them to specify which products require special carriers, or special handling instructions (for those fragile mirrors). For certain products like large pieces of furniture, a two-person delivery team is sometimes required. This information, along with turnaround times and delivery details, are determined by SKU-specific rules. These are displayed on product pages so customers can have full visibility throughout the purchase process–so there’s no nasty surprises at check out–and less abandoned carts.

Full shipping visibility for the customer.

As an integral part of Magento Commerce 2, the decision to upgrade was easy for Cox & Cox. Today, their shipping operation is more dynamic and flexible, and they can add or change carriers as necessary. From the warehousing side, they have seen fewer errors on shipments and dispatches, helping to decrease costs.

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Magento Shipping has empowered Cox & Cox to automate updates, dispatch and tracking processes, and backordered product management, resulting in significant savings and a better customer experience. Most importantly, Magento Shipping helped Cox & Cox reduce their back end complexity.

We are very pleased with Magento Shipping and the role it plays in our business. Aside from improving the customer experience it has reduced our costs as well.

Aynsley Peet
eCommerce Manager, Cox & Cox

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Merchants on Magento Commerce 2.2.2 and later, or Magento Open Source 2.2.2 and later, can access Magento Shipping from within their Magento admin.