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How Brewed the Perfect Commerce Solution, the Australian home-brewing company, had a unique shipping challenge. Magento Commerce solved it.
92% orders from loyalty program
40% increase in eCommerce conversions
18% decrease in page load time

The Australian home‐brewing brand needed a custom platform

In 1862, Thomas Cooper brewed his first batch of ale. Initially to restore his ill wife, his tonic became extremely popular and his passion for brewing soon turned to be his profession. Coopers Brewery has since thrived for six generations and remains Australia’s oldest family owned brewery.

In the early 1970’s, Australian legislation changed to allow home brewing and Coopers began producing a do it yourself brew kit and high-quality brewing extracts. A deep recession in the 1980’s gave rise to home brewing as purchasing bottled beer became unaffordable to many – how very un-Australian! Since then Coopers DIY Beer has seen rapid growth with retirees, students and hipsters all turning to brewing their own beer at home. The key to this success, is not just in the high quality of ingredients – including malt, hops and speciality yeast – but the fact that their extracts hail from an actual brewery, the very same brewery as the famous Coopers beers.

Digital Transformation - Coopers

After many years of success in retail stockists, Coopers DIY Beer ventured to a direct to consumer model, launching on Magento Commerce 1 in 2012. After five years of impressive eCommerce growth and a change in consumer behaviour, the brand needed a total digital transformation.

We aspired to blend commerce with content, ensuring became the destination to explore recipes, gain brewing support, talk beer and of course shop Coopers DIY Beer products.

Abby Richardson
eCommerce Manager, Coopers Brewery

Coopers raised the bar

Together with their solution partner, Aligent Consulting, Coopers migrated from Magento Commerce Open Source 1 to 2 in of May 2018 and implemented Magento Shipping to manage their fulfilment requirements. During migration they were able to scale back on extensions with much of these features core to Magento 2. This has not only provided a clear merchant workspace but a more efficient service for consumers with an improved page load time being 18% faster.

This digital transformation needed to ensure that there would be no disruptions in fulfilment service to their loyal brewers. As early adopters of Magento Shipping, Coopers DIY Beer were able to provide feedback from a merchant’s perspective on their dynamic shipping rules engine. To stay competitive and provide the best possible experience for their customers, Coopers DIY Beer required the following rules; Flat Rate Shipping, Free Shipping with a Minimum Spend, Free Shipping on selected SKUS, Free Shipping based on a category, and lastly Free Shipping on selected SKUS, that are within a selected category, and that also meet a quantity minimum. “These are automatically reviewed by the Magento Shipping technology and are provided to the customer in the cart and checkout. I have full flexibility in the Experiences Portal, where I can make changes to any of these rules in an instant” says Richardson.

Coopers DIY Beer also faces costly shipping expenses on behalf of their consumers. For eight years, they’ve prided themselves on their $15 flat rate shipping fee, often taking a hit on orders that can cost up to $100 to ship across the country. With the combination of heavy products, brewers buying in bulk and the expansive landscape of Australia, Magento Shipping assists in providing competitive rates to ease shipping expenses.

For Coopers DIY Beer, many of their products are prepacked in their own packaging. Improved fulfilment workflows have been achieved due to the automated packaging type feature, allowing it to match to certain SKUs. Alongside their standard packaging types, they also list their Brew Kits and Bottles & Caps packs, pre-setting their dimensions and weights. When packing “we simply print an invoice, pop it in the box, then affix a shipping a label to the top and it’s out the door,” said Richardson. “It might sound like a really small feature but for us, during a sales period like Christmas or Father’s Day, it makes a really big impact on business efficiencies.”

Cheers to success

Much of the success of, can be attributed to the loyalty of their Coopers Club members, who receive exclusive discounts and offers when shopping direct all year around. On average, for the past five years 92% of all Coopers DIY Beer orders were made by their Coopers Club members. “As a merchant, we are able to gain a better understanding of who our customers are, where they are located, and what their purchase habits are to ensure we are providing the best possible service”, reveals Richardson.

With these members in mind, Coopers DIY Beer implemented an innovative recipe library with the ability to filter and search recipes. Brewers can select popular beer styles and then refine by flavour characteristics such as hoppy, malty, fruity, roasty or even bitterness, colour, or alcohol by volume to find their perfect brew. Upon the recipe page, consumers could “either buy all ingredients for that recipe with a single click or select ingredients individually, similar to how a fashion shop-the-look feature would work” explained Richardson.

Digital Transformation - Coopers

Magento Open Commerce 2 has allowed Coopers DIY Beer to blend commerce and content seamlessly. For a brand that built their success on their customer’s love for experimentation, money-saving, and ingenuity, Coopers found a platform that allowed them to make the perfect eCommerce solution the only way they knew how, by doing it themselves.