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Jazzercise Needed the Best eCommerce Platform as Flexible as its Customers

Jazzercise needed a feature-rich eCommerce platform. With Magento, they reduced fixed operating costs and increased annual revenue by 14%.
Best eCommerce Platform - Jazzercise
-20% Fixed Operating Costs
+14% Annual Revenue
+30% Mobile Usage

Best eCommerce platform means real-time syncing, streamlined web presence.

Founded in 1969, Jazzercise quickly became a global dance fitness phenomenon. While the custom-choreographed routines set to hit music are just as popular today, Jazzercise has diversified, now offering monthly catalog launches of branded workout apparel and accessories through their eCommerce website. Their apparel customers are almost like a fan club. Instructors in Japan have been known to stay up all night waiting to purchase new gear.

The 2015 announcement that then-eCommerce platform provider, Amazon Webstore, was closing its doors gave Jazzercise the welcome opportunity to start fresh. Amazon Webstore lacked an API they could tie with the brand’s ERP system which caused syncing delays that dominoed into inventory discrepancies, and fulfillment and accounting nightmares.

Best eCommerce Platform - Jazzercise

Jazzercise also needed more support for mobile browsing as more customers continue to shop online from their mobile devices. Because their setup on Amazon Webstore did not allow for responsive design themes, Jazzercise was forced to maintain separate mobile friendly websites which cost the brand in maintenance and manpower.

Jazzercise knew they needed abest eCommerce platform with feature-rich out-of-the-box functionality that would provide more nimble merchandising and improve the customer shopping and purchase experience. With limited merchandising tools on the old eCommerce platform, potential sales were being left on the table.

Together with their longtime development partner Atmosol, Jazzercise landed on Magento Commerce.

We were looking for a platform that allowed us to target key customer segments more effectively and offer unique content and price points. Magento fit the bill perfectly.

Jeff Uyemura
Digital Manager, Jazzercise

Best eCommerce platform means reduced overhead, improved flexibility.

Magento is widely recognized as one of the best eCommerce platforms on the market. A pleasing contrast to the rigid structure Jazzercise had known previously, Magento enabled the brand to integrate with their current ERP system, Epicor, and speed up the syncing of data between the two platforms. This increased their ability to meet customer needs by reducing the risk of overselling limited-quantity items and inventory discrepancies.

Best eCommerce Platform - Jazzercise

Another set of Magento features enabled Jazzercise to pair a custom mobile Bootstrap theme with functionality that powered the consolidation of four sites (Mobile and Desktop versions of their B2B and B2C sites) down to one. This significantly reduced support and maintenance costs while providing brand and customer experience consistency across multiple channels and devices.

The merchandising capabilities of Magento opened up new opportunities for Jazzercise. Now they can place and prioritize products within categories and feature them during a catalog launch. And, by creating different customer views they are also better able to target specific segments of their customer base.

Best eCommerce platform means slimmed down operating costs, increased revenue.

Launched in June 2016 the new eCommerce platform has reduced fixed operating costs by 20 percent and spiked a 14 percent increase in annual revenue through its eCommerce channel.

Best eCommerce Platform - Jazzercise

Rather than being bogged down in technical challenges and ongoing maintenance, the Jazzercise team can now focus on creating an exciting and satisfying experience for their customers. That’s the Magento advantage and that's why Magento is considered to be the best Best eCommerce platform.

The Magento API has allowed us to achieve near real-time integration with our ERP system. This has significantly reduced inventory related issues and improved efficiency across the board.

Jeff Uyemura
Digital Manager, Jazzercise