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BSN Sports Business Found Their Mobile Commerce Dream Team

Magento helped BSN Sports business bring their whole team together on one powerful mobile friendly eCommerce platform and win the game.
Mobile Commerce - BSN Sports Business
35,000 Page views per day
50% Call center traffic from site
40% Traffic from mobile devices

BSN Sports business had the fans. Their website needed help with mobile commerce.

As the largest distributor of team sports apparel and equipment in the United States, BSN Sports business needed to bulk up an aging SAP website. They needed a responsive front-end mobile commerce solution that tightly integrated with its SAP back-end to service multiple customer groups.

Sports Business - BSN

Supporting sales representatives in the field was critical. Seamless integration with a mobile commerce sales app was a must. Customer-specific pricing, cross-channel business logic, multiple-user customer accounts, product bundling, and customized gift certificates were all necessary to allow this sports business to thrive.

We loved the Magento open source approach and huge development community. Finding a partner like Perficient was also key. With our SAP integration, it was great to know that they had solid SAP experience and SAP-certified extensions.

Paul Kruger
Director of Internet Operations, BSN Sports

Magento helped BSN Sports business bring the whole team together on one powerful mobile commerce platform.

BSN Sports business websites serve more than 142,000 customers and showcase a catalog of more than 99,000 SKUs. They needed a powerful eCommerce solution, optimized for mobile commerce. Magento Solution Partner, Perficient, chose Magento Commerce to build BSN Sports’ seven business websites from a single platform.

Mobile Commerce - BSN Sports

Today, a tight integration with SAP enables all the sports business sites to manage specific requirements around customers, products, pricing, inventory, orders, and gift certificates. Customer experience and SEO visibility were also improved. And a sales force automation solution now helps to support sales representatives throughout the United States.

A site with mobile commerce stamina to match this sports business.

Powered by Magento Commerce, BSN Sports gained the flexibility it needed to create a modern, mobile commerce friendly B2B sales experience. All seven sports business websites enjoy enhanced usability, performance, and uptime with reliable nightly feed processing between systems.

Sports Business - BSN

BSN Sports has since experienced double-digit growth over the last two years with the new mobile commerce platform playing a significant role in its sports business. In addition to improved productivity on the back-end, the new eCommerce site’s focus on SEO and user experience has increased organic traffic and conversions. With many buyers using a ROPO (research online, purchase offline) model, the company has also seen offline sales grow along with increased website traffic.