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Mobile Commerce Fashion Giant Solar Increase Mobile Sales +483%

Magento mobile commerce helps Solar deliver an online presence to match their successful, fashion-forward stores.
Mobile Commerce - Solar
+237% Mobile Revenue
+483% Mobile Transactions
+30% Online Sales Overall

Solar was at the height of fashion, but their site was so last year and not ready for mobile commerce.

The Polish knitwear brand Solar dresses over 1.5 million customers a year, and with 74 brick and mortar shops and 100 franchise locations, they are the leader of original knitted designs in the Polish market. However, their eCommerce website left much to be desired and their online sales were actually decreasing. Solar needed their online presence to match their successful, fashion-forward stores and embrace mobile commerce.

Mobile Commerce - Solar

Solar’s bespoke Prestashop site wasn’t flexible and had limited scalability, making it difficult for the site to keep pace with growing demand, especially the rise of mobile commerce. Omnichannel shopping was practically non-existent, and their customers clearly avoided shopping on the site. Solar needed to act fast. They decided to move to Magento.

After the migration from Prestashop to Magento 2, our UX is now in line with the latest trends. A fresh new look at product presentation led to a sharp increase in new users, which quickly translated into an increase in eCommerce turnover in Q1 of 2017.

Aleksandra Danel
VP, Solar Company S.A.

Optimized for mobile commerce. A brand-new look, and a site that customers love.

Solar had a fixed budget and a tight deadline, so they turned to Magento solution partner Divante to save the day. Their mission was to upgrade their aging platform to a mobile friendly and Magento 2 site with responsive design. Solar wanted a new look to coincide with their improved functionality, so they set the tone with a new corporate identity and image refresh. The biggest eCommerce platform challenge was Solar’s underperforming conversion rates, so engagement became the first priority. Solar needed to figure out what their customers wanted.

Mobile Commerce - Solar

The pre-implementation analysis began with workshops, where Divante and Solar discussed business processes and decided on the most important issues. In the second part of the workshops, the companies discussed recommendations from a UX Audit prepared by Divante. They implemented a data-gathering strategy of traffic analysis, click tracking, A/B testing, and customer feedback. They discovered that urgent changes were required in product presentation, channel integration of online and offline, and the integration of Magento with the ERP system.

The implementation was completed in two week sprints over six months. After this phase, Divante began user and performance testing to assure the high quality of the new eCommerce platform.

A responsive Magento design helped Solar improve their mobile commerce channel, and because Magento is fully flexible, Solar could implement customer experience solutions that exceeded customer expectations. Basically, they created a mobile commerce site that was a pleasure to use.

Mobile commerce sales and transactions off the chart.

The new Solar eCommerce website was a hit. Since launch, Solar has seen a staggering 237 percent increase in mobile revenue, with mobile commerce transactions up 483 percent, and mobile sessions up 21 percent.

Mobile Commerce - Solar

Overall, the site has generated a 30 percent increase in online sales, and Solar is now looking to expand the brand beyond Poland.