With Magento Mobile Commerce, Yakima Found the Perfect Fit

Find out how Magento boosted Yakima’s mobile commerce conversion rate by more than 37 percent.
+37% Mobile Conversion Rate
-8% Bounce Rate
+12% Returning Site Visitors

A complex process, simplified and made mobile friendly.

When it comes to vehicle racks and cargo solutions, Yakima is the leader of innovation. Since 1979, Yakima has helped outdoor enthusiasts and car aficionados find new adventures, and create memories. But in this digital age, 80 percent of Yakima’s consumers now use their mobile devices to research their purchases. So Yakima needed a new responsive website with a mobile commerce strategy to help their customers find the right products using their mobile phones or tablets.

Mobile Commerce - Yakima

This would be no small task: Yakima’s products attach to vehicles, and each vehicle has many unique models and roof designs. Yakima has over 300 SKUs with more than 8,000 product combinations based on vehicle specifications. For example, a Toyota Highlander owner looking to take a few friends and their snowboards to the mountains for the weekend would need a roof rack, special clips to attach it to the car, and a snowboard mount to carry multiple boards. This level of complex automotive product configuration means that Yakima needed to simplify the customer’s research, configuration, and ordering process, to make sure they buy the right product first time.

Yakima doesn’t have a retail presence, so they needed to ensure a seamless brand experience when purchases are transferred from to its top strategic retail partners. If our snowboarder finds her ideal product bundle on, and discovers during the check-out process that she can purchase it from Rack Attack or, she can effortlessly complete the transaction on the retail partner’s website.

The flexibility of Magento and the ability to customize helped us create a seamless experience for our customers.

Jenna Fallon
eCommerce Director, Yakima

Built a seamless brand experience with a focus on mobile commerce.

The first step toward a seamless shopping experience started with Magento Commerce. The great number of built-in Magento features and the flexibility of the Magento Commerce platform allowed Yakima to build a custom Product Information Management (PIM) tool. This allows its team of product experts to capture, collect, and assign data to make sure the customer receives the right products, and can safely attach them to their vehicles.

Their custom import process combines product data with “FIT Mapping” data (the year, make, model and roof type of the car) to create simple, configurable bundles and product packages on the fly. The result was a Fit My Car module that allows customers to find the perfect product, and configure a solution based on their specific needs.

Mobile Commerce - Yakima

Next, Yakima used Magento Commerce to build a retail version of the Fit My Car module, and integrated their 30+ retail partner sites to provide an accurate and fully-branded Yakima experience. This customizable experience, which is embedded into their retailers’ sites, allows customers to see detailed product information without the retailer having to maintain data or build their own Fit My Car module. Once a customer provides their vehicle information and choses their product, they are directed to the retailer’s checkout process. Yakima’s strategic retail partners value this experience; Yakima does the heavy lifting and the retailer enjoys a lift in conversion and boost in both, desktop and mobile sales.

With mobile commerce and their revamped site, finding the perfect gear is easy.

The new Yakima site allows customers to research and shop in four different ways. They can use the Fit My Car rack-finder, or search for products based on their outdoor activity, or on vehicle/gear placement, or even by product type. The entire experience is built on responsive design and is optimized for mobile commerce, ensuring that Yakima’s on-the-go customers can engage with the brand on-the-go.

Mobile Commerce - Yakima

Yakima has found that visitors that use Fit My Car are 25 percent more likely to checkout (either on or a partner site). Also, 50 percent of visitors use Fit My Car, which proves that their customers are engaged and finding exactly what they need, no matter where their outdoor adventure will take them.