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Munchkin and Magento: Making Parents’ Lives Easier With a Mobile Friendly Site

How Magento helped Munchkin make parents' lives easier with a flexible, mobile friendly eCommerce website to match the fast paced lives of parents.
Mobile Friendly - Munchkin
x3 Growth in First Year
+46% Conversion Rate
x2 Steady Growth (YoY)

Munchkin needed an intuitive store for busy parents.

For over 25 years, Munchkin has created baby products for families around the world, registering 182 patents on products for infants and toddlers. The brand understands that the job of a parent can be difficult, so they’ve made it their mission to make the parents' lives easier and more enjoyable. This philosophy is at the core of everything Munchkin does. So when it came to creating a digital customer experience, they needed an eCommerce platform that was like any great parent—flexible and reliable.

Mobile Friendly - Munchkin

In 2013, Munchkin had a basic, non-transactional Drupal site that provided replacement parts for their products. Then, Munchkin decided to venture into direct-to-consumer eCommerce web store. To be wherever their customers searched for Munchkin products, they needed to rethink their approach. They needed a website that was mobile friendly for busy parents on-the-go. Munchkin also wanted their new site to tap the best capabilities from a number of partners, including Certona, Bazaarvoice, Mercent, Bronto, Tealium, and Loop Commerce. Finally, it needed to integrate with the company’s Oracle ERP system. Munchkin found the perfect eCommerce solution in Magento Commerce.

Our CEO has so many great ideas for improving parents’ lives. I love that with the flexibility of the Magento platform and rich ecosystem I can always find a way to bring those visions to life, quickly and efficiently.

Jonathan Bradbury
Director of Global eCommerce, Munchkin

Munchkin created a delightful, mobile friendly customer experience.

Migrating to Magento Commerce gave Munchkin's one-man eCommerce team the tools and foundation it needed to grow the brand’s digital business. Even with a late addition pre-launch–a new product and a brand new venture into the baby clothing category–Magento Commerce made it possible for Munchkin to seamlessly add a separate branded experience to their site in just weeks.

Mobile Friendly - Munchkin

One of the main benefits of the platform, Munchkin discovered, was that they could run Magento Commerce lean–start small, tap the rich ecosystem of partners and Magento developers, and grow their in-house headcount as their business needs changed.

An accelerated mobile friendly digital business.

Since launching in January 2014, Munchkin has expanded their international digital operation and grown its in-house eCommerce team to nine.

Mobile Friendly - Munchkin

The results were spectacular: in the first year after launching on Magento Commerce, Munchkin tripled their growth and has doubled that growth every year since. With a 46 percent increase in conversion, digital now represents a significant proportion of Munchkin’s business. It's also an important proving ground for new products and customer experience innovations.