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Mobile Friendly Signature Hardware’s Sustained Growth on Magento

Signature Hardware needed an eCommerce platform that could provide a mobile friendly website and a seamless customer journey.
Mobile Friendly - Signature Hardware
+20% Revenue Growth
+25% Gross Margin Growth
+10% Average Order Value

Signature Hardware needed a mobile friendly website.

Founded in 1999, Signature Hardware started as a family plumbing business in Northern Kentucky. Today it has grown into a leading online retailer of products for bath, kitchen, and home, selling everything from breathtaking bathtubs to one-of-a-kind home accents. The company had a high-class problem: They were expanding fast and business was booming, but unfortunately their eCommerce website could not keep pace.

Mobile Friendly - Signature Hardware

In an increasingly connected world, growing demand for a complete online shopping experience was something they knew they had to address. Here’s what they needed: a mobile friendly website that ensured a seamless customer journey from point of entry to packaging and shipping. They also wanted to understand their customers’ journey and know exactly how they engaged with the brand, and to ultimately improve Customer Lifetime Value (CLV).

We have seen first-hand the power of combining rich product and customer data from Magento with the business insights that Magento Business Intelligence provides.

Sean Fisher
Director of eCommerce, Signature Hardware

Magento helped Signature Hardware become a mobile friendly standout online fixture.

Signature Hardware had a lean internal team and a complex back-end system. They needed a mobile friendly eCommerce platform that took back control over their online business, without the heavy upkeep. They chose Magento Commerce and created a mobile friendly site with a responsive design that looked great on all devices. Next they integrated a custom back-end system for order management, financial systems, and customer data, and successfully transferred over their 60,000 SKUs. Then, to complete the strategy overhaul, they worked to incorporate customer service and data management systems.

Mobile Friendly - Signature Hardware

By implementing Magento Business Intelligence, Signature Hardware could integrate data across many disparate sources to gain deeper analytics and understand what new customers were buying and how it impacted customer retention. They created CLV models by vertical that allowed them to smartly invest their marketing dollars in categories that attracted high-CLV customers. They also employed creative merchandising to increase cart size and promote suggested items based on cart contents. By segmenting their data, Signature Hardware developed a truly data-driven strategy to grow their Customer Lifetime Value.

Signature Hardware is mobile friendly and is climbing up the Internet Retailer Top 500 merchants list.

Signature Hardware launched on Magento Commerce in February 2014, and Magento Business Intelligence in August 2014. The results were impressive: Signature Hardware doubled their revenue per day on their top SKUs with price testing, reduced their defective inventory, and gathered data to eliminate costly drop shipping.

Mobile Friendly - Signature Hardware

Using Magento Business Intelligence helped the team determine where to smartly invest in digital marketing. With the flexibility of Magento Commerce and analytics insights from Magento Business Intelligence, Signature Hardware manages its mobile friendly website in ways that boost profits year over year.

The new website redesign reflects our ongoing focus on our customers. Through the Magento platform, we’ve made our 60,000 products easier to find and customize, providing an effortlessly streamlined shopper experience. We’re working hard every day to take the pain out of the home improvement process.

Mark Morse
VP of Marketing, Signature Hardware