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How Juice Beauty Optimized Their D2C Store for Mobile Marketing

Find out how Juice Beauty optimized their web store for mobile marketing with Magento and boosted their overall growth by over 44 percent.
Mobile Marketing - Juice Beauty
+44% Overall Growth
+4% Average Order Value
-13% Bounce Rate

The skincare retailer needed a digital upgrade for optimal mobile marketing.

In 2005, entrepreneur Karen Behnke was on a mission to find healthy skincare solutions that delivered visible results. Not finding what she was looking for in the market, she launched the organic skincare brand, Juice Beauty. Behnke discovered that by replacing petroleum derivatives with an antioxidant and vitamin-rich botanical juice base, the results bettered conventional beauty products. Today, Juice Beauty’s award-winning skincare, makeup, and hair care products are highly sought-after, and overseen by makeup creative director Gwyneth Paltrow.

Mobile Marketing - Juice Beauty

With the D2C beauty landscape quickly evolving, and with their products available through Amazon and Ulta Beauty, Juice Beauty was working diligently to build up their own digital ecosystem, especially for mobile marketing. They needed their site to provide customers with a diagnostic and educational shopping experience, something that wasn’t delivered through other sales channels.

Juice Beauty had deployed their first D2C eCommerce website on Magento 1 in 2010, and in October 2016 it was time for a refresh. They chose to work with the Magento solution partner One Rockwell, a digital agency based in New York City. Following an audit, One Rockwell recommended that Juice Beauty harness the power of third-party communities, introduce a new front-end theme, and make modifications to their product data structure while improving their load time and security measures. A digital upgrade for optimal mobile marketing like this would achieve a consistent brand experience across multiple touch-points, and better serve Juice Beauty’s cult followers.

Magento provided us with a digital community that would allow us to tap into the right talent and solutions for our business.

Jeffrey Grannis
Director of Digital, Juice Beauty

A simpler, faster, more powerful store.

The Juice Beauty digital team had a strong background in development, so Magento, an open source eCommerce platform, was a credible choice. During the audit, One Rockwell discovered that Juice Beauty employed over 80 Magento extensions, and there were seven conflicting modules at work. The agency recommended a clean-up, targeting a list of 50-60 active extensions.

Mobile Marketing - Juice Beauty

They would first focus on mobile. Previously, Juice Beauty had relied on an extension to create a mobile version of their website to serve smartphone users on the go. To reduce this extension dependency, the team worked on delivering a responsive design for easy mobile marketing. They also addressed the website’s load time. A key contributor to making the site faster was enabling a content distribution network (CDN) to improve the user experience. To remedy the security concerns, the team modified the site’s infrastructure by adding a dedicated firewall, VPN, intrusion detection, and anti-virus software.

On the product side, the brand rolled out “Solution kits” – groups of Juice Beauty products bundled together to create complete skincare solutions. This was executed using native Magento features functionality, and designed to increase Average Order Value. A ‘pick your own’ sample functionality also enabled the customer to select products based on skincare benefits, regimen type, and the combination of ingredients.

A stunning relaunch. Unbelievable growth on mobile and desktop.

After just 16 weeks of development, the redesigned shop was launched in mid-October of 2016. The new Juice Beauty eCommerce website is now an evolving, educational ecosystem that ensures a seamless experience for new and returning consumers. By creating a stable foundation for the online store, Juice Beauty had the resources to implement robust third-party analytics, like, to learn more about their customers, which helps in their desktop and mobile marketing efforts.

Mobile Marketing - Juice Beauty

This collaboration between partner, platform, and brand delivered incredible results: The site enjoyed a 13 percent reduction in bounce rate (from 2015 to 2017), a four percent increase in Average Order Value, and a 44 percent overall growth during this time period. Other improvements including those made to the site’s ‘wishlist’ functionality, social sharing, and quantity fields, delivered a more seamless journey to checkout.

The Juice Beauty bundled “Solution Kits” resulted in a staggering 44 percent increase in revenue, compared to individual product sales.

We chose Magento to support the brand as it allowed us to own our ecosystem and control our approach to development.

Jeffrey Grannis
Director of Digital, Juice Beauty