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NKD connects 1,800 branches in record time

Magento Commerce provides customized Click & Collect functions and a high level of flexibility
NKD connects 1,800 branches in record time
1,800 branches connected
4,700 orders daily
5 months rapid implementation

NKD needed a scalable platform to connect 1,800 of their branches

NKD is a textile discounter that offers its customers a wide range of fashion for the whole family, home textiles and home accessories. With around 8,000 employees, the company is one of the leading textile retailers in Central Europe. NKD currently operates around 1,800 stores in Germany and four other European countries. The company is pursuing ambitious growth plans and has been able to increase its business by an average of 4.7 percent annually in recent years. As a result, NKD is growing significantly faster than the rest of the market.

Fashion eCommerce - NKD

The target market of NKD favours Click & Collect orders. The integration of the many NKD branches into the online shop was consequently one of the decisive elements right from the start. For the migration to Magento Commerce, the Multi Source Inventory natively contained in Magento was therefore extended with additional functions. Furthermore, NKD wanted to achieve a simpler content and campaign management as part of the migration. The goal was to be able to carry out content maintenance and campaign control in-house with little effort.

Magento is an ideal solution for us. The platform offers a high degree of standardization and a multitude of out-of-the-box functions. This enables us to offer our customers a smooth and exceptional shopping experience. Since the go-live we have seen a permanent growth of our online revenues and a significant increase in mobile conversions. Creativestyle GmbH played a major role in the success of the project. With their help we were able to complete the project within budget and ahead of schedule.

Ralf Eisend
Director E-Commerce bei NKD

Flexible platform with customized Click & Collect capabilities

NKD approached Creativestyle GmbH, an internet agency for Experience Driven Commerce, with the above mentioned requirements. The implementation of a Click & Collect function was particularly vital to NKD. This allows customers to order the products in the online shop to a store of their choice, to try them on, to exchange them if necessary and to pay. To implement this feature and to ensure efficient implementation, NKD made use of the Multi Source Inventory. This involves linking the NKD central warehouse and the stock levels of the individual stores in a system that is synchronized in real time. If a customer orders a product to a store, the system knows whether the article is already at the location or whether it has to be sent there from the central warehouse. This avoids unnecessary transportation of goods, saves costs and helps protect the environment.

Fashion eCommerce - NKD

Since the Click & Collect function was to be a main feature of the new shop, Creativestyle GmbH did not fall back on existing extensions, but developed a tailor-made solution for NKD, which will also be available to other merchants in Magento Commerce in the future. Here the great advantage of the Magento Commerce platform from Adobe becomes evident. The experienced community can provide individual solutions for each customer instead of just using out-of-the-box features.
NKD also wanted more flexibility with the new Magento Commerce platform and reduce the need for external resources. In contrast to the previous platform, the Magento Shop allows NKD to set up content itself and control campaigns without the need to start a programming project. This allows the company to implement smart campaigns very quickly and to design the content independently without having to rely on the resources of the IT department.

Go-Live ahead of schedule

The new Magento Commerce Shop was implemented in a space of only five months. This meant that the 1,800 NKD stores were connected to the multi-source inventory one month earlier than planned. The Click & Collect function is a massive success among customers and is used extensively.

Fashion - NKD

The migration to Magento Commerce required the GDPR-compliant transfer of all customer data, including logins and passwords, from the previous platform. In addition, it was particularly important to NKD that the migration ran seamlessly for the customers. When logging in on the new platform for the first time, they would not notice anything of the changes made in the background. This goal was also achieved within the agreed schedule.

Thanks to their new Magento Commerce shop, NKD can manage content much more self-sufficiently and control product information, prices and smart campaigns internally. This eliminates external programming effort and associated costs.