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How Tous Turned into an Omnichannel Giant

Luxury lifestyle brand Tous needed to grow their omnichannel solution on a global scale. With Magento Order Management, their stores can now talk to one central order and inventory system.
x2 Conversion Rate
+20% Annual Customer Base Growth
40% Use Omnichannel Experience

Tous needed to provide an omnichannel experience and grow digitally on a global scale.

Founded in 1920, Tous is an affordable luxury lifestyle brand known worldwide for selling accessories, quality jewelry, and handbags. With 535 physical stores worldwide—250 in Spain alone—in 2016 it enjoyed revenues of €400 million ($432 million). Just a few years shy of the brand’s 100-year anniversary, they realized their eCommerce platform was not SEO friendly, outdated, and had no omnichannel features.

Omnichannel - Tous

Tous wanted to join the omnichannel revolution, so they decided to look for new eCommerce platforms. They wanted to increase their conversion rate, volume of visits, and decrease bounce rates. This was an epic task, but Tous were in good hands when they chose Magento, and its leading order management solution.

Omnichannel: Eight countries. One central order management system.

In collaboration with Magento Solution Partner Vaimo, in May 2015 Tous launched on Magento Commerce, the world’s most flexible and powerful eCommerce platform. Instead of choosing to invest in existing systems that are not designed to handle order management and omnichannel scenarios, in December 2015, they added Magento Order Management (MOM). They wanted all of their global web stores to talk to one central order and inventory system. MOM provided the scalability and efficiency to run this global business by acting as that central system, managing inventory, orchestrating fulfillment, and handling payment.

Omnichannel - Tous

MOM, along with the Payments & Risk solution, was a natural fit for Magento Commerce, and supported scalability and growth for Tous’ future omnichannel needs. This proved to be a smart decision, and a cost-effective one.

Omnichannel: Phenomenal Customer Growth.

With the built-in features of Magento Commerce, Tous has support for managing promotions and can edit CMS content without the need of a developer. Most importantly, the enhanced SEO is improving brand visibility. With MOM plus Payments & Risk handling order processing and seamlessly managing payments, right out of the gate, Tous’ omnichannel initiatives are yielding positive results.

Omnichannel - Tous

The in-store pick-up service has been used in almost 14 percent of its online transactions, while the success of the reservation service was greater than expected: more than 25 percent of orders originating on the eCommerce store came from online reservations. These features combined have resulted in one-in-four customers interacting with the brand having an omnichannel retail experience.

Magento helped Tous double their conversion rate and cut their bounce rate in half in coordination with Tous, who enforced the content/brand site strategy. With the enhanced SEO, site traffic increased too. Overall, Tous has maintained recurring visitor numbers of close to 60 percent, while their customer base now grows at 20 percent every year.

Now, looking to the future, their ultimate vision is to bring their online and offline worlds closer together and deliver a 360-degree view of their inventory and customers across five continents and those 535 stores. There are also plans afoot to empower their sales associates with a mobile app, that allows the associate to save the sale with full access to worldwide inventory, all powered by the partnership with MOM and ebizmarts.