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How Seniority Pioneered Online Shopping for Over 60s With Magento Commerce 2

India’s first retailer tailored to the needs of senior citizens needed to rethink its omnichannel strategy
Omnichannel Strategy | Seniority
+150% revenue growth after upgrade
+19% average order value increase
-10s average checkout time

Seniority needed an omnichannel strategy with digital at the core

Seniority is an omnichannel retailer offering a one-stop destination that features a range of innovative products to help seniors retain their independence and get the most enjoyment possible from their later years. The products are specially curated keeping in mind the comfort and independence of senior citizens. From lifestyle to general wellness, these products aim at making the day-to-day life of the elders easy and hassle-free.

The business was started in 2016 when co-founders Ayush Agrawal and Tapan Mishra recognised that India’s fastest growing demographic segment, the 60-plus age group, was a market whose needs were going unfulfilled and set about creating India’s first retail experience aimed specifically at senior citizens. Seniority’s initial thinking was that the senior community would prefer the traditional physical interaction of a brick and mortar retail outlet. However, it soon became clear that they had underestimated the desire within the senior community for shopping online.

“India may be a young country, but it’s the senior citizen group that is the fastest growing demographic. And they are a lot more tech savvy,” says Ayush Agrawal.

Omnichannel Strategy | Seniority

With sales growth of 500% in 2017, the organisation’s e-commerce requirements outgrew the capability of the initial Magento Open Source store. With the rapid growth in customer base and market presence, Seniority needed to expand their capabilities and provide a better customer experience in line with the company vision: “To be a trusted companion for the comfort and convenience for all seniors and their caregivers.”

The capacity and functionality of the existing eCommerce platform no longer met the evolved requirements of the business or the growing demands of customers. Specific pain points from the customer perspective included the lack of mobile experience and product searchability while the operations team required improved efficiencies through greater integration across business functions including sales, warehousing and cataloguing, product enrichment, reporting and product delivery. Magento Commerce was the obvious choice as the platform for the company’s accelerating growth.

Magento Commerce was in many ways an ideal platform for Seniority; it had all major functionalities natively build in, which could be further enhanced to achieve our specific business goals.

Shankey Poddar
Product Head, Seniority Private Limited

A rejuvenated eCommerce website experience

Magento Commerce features a range of tools which allows Seniority to provide an improved customer experience through greater functionality to the end user, 70% of whom access the store via often low-end handheld mobile devices. Prominent inbuilt features such as Elasticsearch, Landing Pages, product filtration and Page Builder have greatly improved the overall site usability, bringing an exceptional experience to the end user and ultimately leading them to the right products and increasing sales.

“Magento has been an ideal platform for us right from the beginning. The previous generation of Magento 1 played a vital role for us in the initial expansion and Magento 2 has proven to be a reliable and dependable platform for us as an expanding brand.” – Shankey Poddar, Product Head, Seniority Private Limited

Omnichannel Strategy | Seniority

In an era when shoppers are demanding more convenience from e-tailers, Seniority is another example of a 360-degree facelift of shopping experience as well as futureproofing technology adaption. The team made a number of notable design updates to improve the customer experience and help elderly buyers quickly find exactly what they want: larger fonts and increased distance between interface elements; simplified menus; clear, actionable error messages with simplified form filling; and limited options per page (ex. separating checkout and browsing section). By leveraging on-site customer data and aligning it with browsing behaviours, Seniority unlocked well-balanced omnichannel shopping experience that leads to more dynamic product discovery, resulting in increased conversions along with an increase in AOV. Seniority have also noted paid campaigns are far more responsive over the Magento 2 platform and this has predominantly helped boost sales and maintain a stable platform with virtually limitless scale of operations.

Extraordinary Gains

The results of the Seniority migration to Magento Commerce have been spectacular. The new responsive eCommerce site is seeing a 180% jump in traffic. Behind the scenes, shopfront efficiencies ensure the end customer experience is unaffected by periods of high demand. This allows Seniority to confidently run campaigns such as Google Shopping PLA’s with site traffic reaching over 1,000 parallel site users.

Omnichannel Strategy | Seniority

The comprehensive ecosystem of extensions in Magento Marketplace makes it easy to extend core Magento Commerce functionality as business needs evolve. Customised landing pages have optimised the conversion rates and ROI of marketing campaigns implemented by Seniority using services such as Unbxd and MineWhat eCommerce merchandising and personalising suite. Gamooga’s predictive analysis and marketing automation provides Seniority real-time actionable insights on user data which are leveraged to develop intelligent marketing strategies for maximum impact. Using Amazon Aurora Serverless database solution for inventory management, Seniority has the ability to quickly scale capacity up or down to meet any demand surge. This is key to the application of a just-in-time delivery model and significant cost savings made by reducing infrastructure requirements. The platform’s seamless integration with Seniority’s warehouse Management System, Vinculum, directly aligned the warehousing and fulfilment process with the sales channel while real-time inventory syncing helps streamlined order fulfillment for on-time deliveries.

Overall, as an organisation, Magento has been co-operative and has given us all the necessary support. Magento brings versatility and unmatched capabilities to the table, handling high traffic and hosting our campaigns to grow order volumes. I am confident that anyone would vouch for a strong product like Magento Commerce 2.

Shankey Poddar
Product Head, Seniority Private Limited