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With Omnichannel, Structube Grew Orders 3X Almost Overnight

Structube turned to Magento Commerce for an omnichannel eCommerce platform that would give them the flexibility to deliver highly differentiated experiences.
Omnichannel - Structube
3x More Orders
+200% SEO-driven Sales in Past Year
3x Online Orders with In-Store Pickup

Canadian specialty furniture retailer Structube wanted to expand into the U.S. and double online sales in 2 years.

With 50 stores in Canada and a plan to expand into the U.S. , Structube knew they had to extend their brand promise and unique in-store experience to every customer touchpoint in order to grow quickly; they wanted to use omnichannel to create a truly “on-brand”, customer-centric shopping experience.

Omnichannel - Structube

Structube’s strategy was to provide rich content in an omnichannel environment, then promote the heck out of it. They needed a platform that would give them the flexibility they needed to deliver highly differentiated experiences. In order to stand out in a crowded market, the design-driven retailer needed to create an immersive, seamless experience, regardless of the customers’ preferred channel.

The consumer is at the center of the Structube experience. Everything digital had to be simple for her.

Tony Trew
Marketing Director, Structube

Delivering a seamless, omnichannel experience at every customer touchpoint.

Structube worked with Magento solution partner Absolunet to combine the omnichannel commerce features of Magento with the agency’s digital performance marketing expertise. In support of its goal to double sales over two years, the new site was designed to maximize conversion; to take the customer on a journey from product search to sale.

Omnichannel - Structube

Structube’s journey began in 2015 when it launched its new Canadian eCommerce site with Magento Commerce. The omnichannel experience relied on a custom connector that seamlessly integrates the Magento eCommerce platform with Microsoft ERP/POS backend systems. Customers can now buy online and schedule in-store pickup, even for backordered items (the system provides availability information for backordered items).

Absolunet continued customizing Magento’s CMS functionalities to enable Structube to create interactive and sophisticated content like Room Tours and Lookbooks where consumers can “Shop the room”, both of which increased average order value and conversions. Known for its dynamic pricing, Structube’s new website needed to optimize prices in real-time to offer every customer the best possible price to avoid getting caught in the discount trap – in other words, pricing transparency.

The team continued website optimization for the Canadian site while simultaneously applying its learnings to the development of the U.S. site. Shortly after the first round of fine tuning and optimization, Structube officially launched its U.S. site.

Structube’s journey to massive growth with omnichannel.

Structube combined Magento’s SEO features with Absolunet’s performance marketing expertise to crush SEO in the North American furniture market. Constant monitoring and optimization of site content allowed the retailer to not only own the SEO space in a competitive landscape, but to actually double its “search-driven-sales.”

Omnichannel - Structube

Then, in 2016, the ship-to-store feature was customized and activated for Canadian stores and online orders tripled almost overnight! It turns out many customers actually prefer to pick up their furniture at the store of their choice, at their preferred time and on their own terms – instead of receiving delivery at home.

Their massive growth across all sales channels was no accident. It started with the company’s vision and their will to see it through. It then became a matter of choosing the right partners, the right strategy and the right eCommerce platforms.

Great content creates the customer connection, and a perfectly synchronized omnichannel strategy creates growth.

Tony Trew
Marketing Director, Structube