Personalization Parents Can Now Customize Their Quinny Stroller

Quinny wanted to offer its eCommerce customers the ultimate in personalization. They needed a flexible eCommerce platform, like Magento.
Personalization - Quinny
150K Unique Visitors in First Month
1000s of Customers Use Personalization
8 Countries

Quinny wanted to offer its customers the ultimate in personalization.

Dorel Juvenile is the world’s leading juvenile products company with customers in more than 100 countries. Most people will recognize their strongest brands: Maxi-Cosi, Safety 1st, and Quinny. When Quinny launched their Zapp X stroller, they decided that their customers should be able to personalize, change and adapt it to suit every need – from a baby’s birth until they are able to walk on their own.

Personalization - Quinny

The brand wanted to offer online personalization and customization for two of their three commercial Zapp X strollers: the Zapp Flex and the Zapp Flex Plus. They wanted parents to be able to choose options such as color and add optional extra parts and items from a large range of accessories. Dorel Juvenile knows its customers well, and understands that often parents seek input from friends and family when making a decision on something as important as a high-end stroller. They would need to create a fully customized eCommerce experience. To do that, they needed a flexible personalization friendly platform, and they chose Magento.

In just a few easy steps you can adjust the number of wheels, wheel size, handles, and colors of every part and add any accessories you like – the possibilities to create a one-of-a-kind stroller are endless.

Inge Clerx
Global Brand Director, Quinny

A complex personalization configurator made easy.

Dorel Juvenile teamed up with the Magento Professional Solutions Partner RIFF to develop a custom Zapp X online configurator. RIFF built it on Magento and integrated it into Quinny’s own CMS. Unlike your average configurator, this one supports so many different options that the most elaborate product can be personalized in millions of unique ways, without leading to lower connection speeds or slow images.

Personalization - Quinny

To create a user-friendly personalized experience for Quinny, RIFF used brief, clear descriptions to indicate the available options and what they entail, with an updated final price after every change or addition. All selected options are visualized immediately and can be viewed from 360 degrees using 3D renders. Configurations can be saved with a personalization code, and the user receives a PDF file listing the specifications of their personalized Zapp X. Through a link in the PDF they can also bring up their personalized Zapp X design on the website, share it on social media, and with family.

In today’s busy households, Mom can personalize her dream stroller, and email a clickable PDF to Dad to show it off. The configurator was designed in such a way that new features and options can be added whenever necessary, and it can also be used for other Quinny models, which can be added at a later stage.

A fully personalized customer experience.

Dorel Juvenile rolled out their new experience in eight different European countries and has plans to launch a worldwide release soon. In the first month, they had 150,000 unique visitors.

Personalization - Quinny

Thousands of customers are now saving and sharing designs with personalization daily. With Magento, Dorel Juvenile created a successful high-powered customer experience, family-style.