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Prediger uses re-platforming to add innovative features

Migration to Magento 2 leads to easier shop management and an improved customer experience
Prediger nutzt Re-Platforming zum Ergänzen innovativer Features
45,000 products, more than 4,000 category pages
100 attributes for technical product specifications
20% increase in the conversion rate

Prediger hopes to secure competitive advantages by switching to Magento 2

Prediger is one of the best-known suppliers of designer lamps and lighting solutions in Germany. As well as an exclusive selection of high-quality interior and exterior lamps, Prediger offers expert advice on lighting. As part of its çy, the company has an online shop that not only offers a wealth of information and sources of inspiration, but also provides special functions for the lighting advisers in the showrooms, making the company's website one of its most important tools for personalised customer advice.

As early as 2018, Prediger decided to migrate to Magento 2 on the advice of the e-commerce agency Tudock, which had been managing the shop for over 12 years. By switching at an early stage, the design lamp manufacturer hoped to benefit from the many innovations in the revised version of the platform and to secure competitive advantages. The aim was to continue the strong growth that began with Magento 1. The migration from Magento 1 to Magento 2 is not simply an update, but a re-platforming. The new version is considerably more powerful and makes use of modern software concepts and architectures and new front-end technologies. That makes the switch a challenging task for all those involved – particularly with a highly individualised and extensive online shop like Prediger’s.

Prediger nutzt Re-Platforming zum Ergänzen innovativer Features

The re-platforming from Magento 1 to Magento 2 was completely smooth. The new Magento 2 shop gives us the same high performance as before, but with considerably lower management costs. Many processes are now automated and have become much more efficient. We can say that Magento 2 offers all the enterprise features we could wish for.

Matthias Tesche
Head of E-Commerce at Prediger

Shop management has become significantly easier

At the start of the re-platforming process, the focus was on the migration of existing functions. “We were able to port some of the functions and elements from the previous shop that were worth preserving at little expense,” said Niels Pahlmann, who, as one of the managers at Tudock, was in charge of the migration of Prediger’s shop. “However, as Magento 2 uses programming concepts that are completely different from a technical viewpoint and are better, other elements were newly implemented from scratch.”

Newly implemented features include automated target rules that ensure that visitors to the shop receive high-quality cross-selling offers based on comprehensive product information. In addition, the new Page Builder, which is integrated into Magento 2, has replaced the content management systems Wordpress and modX, making it considerably easier for Prediger to enter new content both in the actual shop and in the content area. The new deployment processes also make the operation and management of the shop significantly more efficient. Prediger can now add new developments to the shop itself and make them go live with just a few clicks.

One special feature of Prediger’s new Magento 2 shop is the option to create lighting scenes. That means that the e-commerce team can use Drag and Drop to position lights in an image of a room in order to show potential customers digitally what effect the lamps would have. This gives the user an idea of what floor or hanging lamps or indirect lighting would look like in specific spatial environments.

Prediger nutzt Re-Platforming zum Ergänzen innovativer Features

Prediger shop has no problems with rush of visitors and wins a Shop Usability Award for 2020

Prediger’s Magento 2 shop went online two months before Black Friday 2019, allowing the company to put the new shop through various live tests well ahead of the expected endurance test. Even with 1.1 million visitors within just a few days, the shop continued to operate stably and reliably.

Prediger’s online shop has been continuously certified with the s@fer-shopping seal from TÜV SÜD since spring 2011. This is valid for a year each time and shows that the TÜV SÜD team’s high quality standards with regard to security have been met.

With the online shop based on Magento 2, Prediger now has access to a sales platform that will make it easier for the responsible e-commerce team to operate the shop. The team can create content more quickly and easily and can plan and implement campaigns itself. The online shop also makes it easier for lighting advisers in the showrooms to advise customers. Most importantly, Magento 2 makes Prediger’s shop fit for the future. Prediger plans to use virtual reality functions to simulate the effect of light in rooms, for example.

All these measures have led to such significant improvements in usability that Prediger won the prestigious Shop Usability Award in the category Electronics & Software in 2020.

Prediger nutzt Re-Platforming zum Ergänzen innovativer Features