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Built to Last: Inside Ergodyne's Website Replatform

A pioneer of workplace safety gear, Ergodyne needed a hard-working website to increase conversion rates. Magento delivered, increasing B2C sales by +250%.
Safety Gear
+250% B2C Sales Since Launch
+4% B2B Sales Since Launch
-12% Bounce Rate

The makers of innovative Tenacious Work Gear® needed a hard-working website.

Based in Saint Paul, Minnesota, Ergodyne is a pioneer in the development of workplace safety gear. Since 1983, the company has launched scores of proprietary products designed to provide protection and manage the elements for workers on job sites all over the world. With 124 global patents and 104 trademarks, Ergodyne brands include ProFlex® Hand Protection, Knee Pads, and Supports; Trex™ Footwear Accessories; Chill-Its® Cooling Products; N-Ferno® Warming Products; Skullerz® Head and Eye Protection, and many more. “Make the Workplace a Betterplace™,” is Ergodyne’s mission statement, while their overall goal is to reduce jobsite injuries to zero.

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But as their B2B business expanded, Ergodyne found that their eCommerce operations, powered by Sharepoint and Nodus, were holding them back. Their users had to navigate between three different sites to research products, place orders, or shop for Ergodyne’s Tenacious Work Gear® merchandise. “We were dealing with the inefficiencies of managing and synchronizing data between all three sites,” said Theresa Kuske, Ergodyne’s Senior Digital Marketing Manager. As Ergodyne grew a cult following among contractors, individual B2C customers were also attempting to pinch and zoom their way through an ancient site designed for B2B customers.

Ergodyne wanted to increase the equity of their “Tenacious” branding throughout the customer journey. “It was important to deliver one cohesive experience for all users. We also needed to increase conversion rates and ultimately our ROI,” said Kuske. “We chose Magento because it was the only platform within our budget with the features and functionality needed for both B2B and B2C experiences.”

The flexibility and open source capabilities of Magento have allowed us to incorporate rich features and functionality into our shopping experience and have been able to accommodate the complex integrations and requirements of our B2B and B2C channels.

Theresa Kuske
Senior Digital Marketing Manager,

Unlimited flexibility, all on one site.

Ergodyne’s Magento Solution Partner, Echidna, kicked off the project with extensive UX testing, including heuristic analysis, usability tests, user interviews, and card-sorting exercises. They discovered that they had many different types of user: Some distributors, who were not tech savvy, just knew what they wanted and liked to order on their desktop. Others wanted to learn about Ergodyne products on a mobile-friendly site. But everyone wanted an easy checkout experience.

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Ergodyne created a punch-list of B2B requirements. They wanted their users to be able to order products quickly, check inventory levels, and get quotes easily. They utilized a ‘quick order’ feature, allowing users to enter SKUs or upload a .csv file to create an order and whiz through checkout. Users can also request a quote. “We used over 30 different extensions,” said Kuske. “Some are from the marketplace and others we developed to meet our requirements. They help us in a multitude of ways ranging from correctly estimating shipping and tax to showing the different price levels to different account holders. They’ve helped us meet our goals by creating unique experiences for each customer.”

Next, Ergodyne integrated with nChannel, a cloud-based integration platform to help them manage and send order, item, and customer data between Magento and their ERP, Microsoft Dynamics GP. They also integrated with Nodus PayFabric, a credit card processing platform, that securely stores and sends sensitive data to their processor. They used WordPress to power their blog, and for the first time added title tags and meta descriptions to boost their SEO and draw more visitors in to read their ‘Tenacious Library’ of flyers, brochures, and presentations. Faithful Ergodyne customers–called ‘tenacious testers’–who agree to test new products and post reviews, action photos, and videos, can also make a bucket list of items they’d like to try. Visitors to the site are drawn into the brand experience with opportunities to join a VIP Ergodyne club called the “Tenacious Nation,” read the Tenacious Blog, or donate to Tenacious charities.

A "Tenacious" B2B and B2C experience.

Ergodyne launched their new Magento Commerce platform on April 1, 2016, thanks to their Magento Solution Partner. “Echidna is so communicative and they get stuff done when I need them to get it done,” said Kuske. “Moving to Magento has ensured our content is robust and consistent across different user experiences. Users are shown detailed product information and resources, including enhanced images and videos.” The Tenacious branding is visible throughout the customer journey, and there’s absolutely no pinching or zooming.

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Ergodyne also implemented enhanced features to improve product discovery: There’s instant search, sorting, filtering, faceting, and quick views to help users compare Ergodyne’s 15 different tool belts. Meanwhile, improved usability using quick order forms, quote lists, and printable pages make orders a breeze.

Overall, they created the 360-degree customer experience that their users were demanding—and all on one site, not three, like they had before. “We saw many great results from our efforts,” said Kuske. “Bounce rates decreased, pages per session increased, and average session duration increased. Ergodyne also experienced a major increase in the number of B2C user accounts created, and B2C sales, and an increase in B2B sales.” For a company that prides itself on their innovative, hard-working products, Ergodyne is already looking toward the future, and planning an upgrade to Magento Commerce 2.