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Sell Art Online The New Wall Art Prints Webstore is a Masterpiece

For Wall Art Prints, setting up and configuring multiple storefronts for each new market became quick and easy, with multi-store and multi-currency features of Magento Commerce 2.
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100+ Local Artists Work
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3 New Countries Planned for 2018

The art retailer wanted to expand internationally.

Wall Art Prints, the Australian online art retailer, is on a mission to brighten up every customer’s home, with original, yet affordable artwork. With over 20,000 prints from hundreds of artists in a variety of styles, sizes, and materials, their pieces are created using the highest quality, Australian-made materials. As a pure play eCommerce store, Wall Art Prints enjoys low running costs, and passes those savings onto their customers, while reinvesting into the quality of their products.

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Having conquered the Australian market, Wall Art Prints was looking to scale up their business, and sell their art in the international market. They planned to launch multiple online stores that would feature local artists’ work, and break into lucrative markets including the US. However, their former platform, CS-Cart, was incapable of handling sites for multiple countries. Wall Art Prints also wanted to find a new way for customers to imagine the art in their homes, before they buy. In 2017, they went looking for a new eCommerce platform.

With the power of Magento Commerce and SmartOSC, we created a unique online shopping experience and streamlined our global business operation.

Paul Sestito
Director, Wall Art Prints

International expansion made easy.

Together with their Magento Solution Partner, SmartOSC, Wall Art Prints upgraded their platform to Magento Commerce 2. Setting up and configuring multiple storefronts for each new market was quick and easy, with multi-store and multi-currency support. Wall Art Prints can now serve relevant content and products for each different market and tailor the experience for their customers around the world— while adhering to local tax laws and regulations.

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Meanwhile, their Content Delivery Network better distributed data, sped up connections, and created a consistency between the different worldwide stores. A GeoIP detects customers’ location based on their IP address and redirects them to the appropriate local site, and with improved SEO, Wall Art Prints can now continue growing their organic traffic. MailChimp created an automated email system for sending promotional campaigns, and reconnecting with customers who have abandoned their cart. Global payment options and security are handled by eWay and PayPal while a shop-by-brand extension allows Wall Art Prints to suggest images in the same style, or by the same artist — boosting sales.

Finally, they created a new marketplace to open up new opportunities for artists to display and sell their art through Wall Art Prints. With a custom B2B2C model, local artists can upload their work and sell to customers through a marketplace system developed on Magento.

SmartOSC implemented an intuitive vendor portal to allow artists to upload their artwork, a description, tags, and a price, while allowing them to track inventory and sales. Finally, a payments system was developed to enable sellers to check and receive their payments.

Total business agility.

The site was launched in December 2017 after six months of intensive development. Since launch, over 100 local artists are now selling art through the Wall Art Prints website. These artists have their own landing pages to display their work. With the Cloudinary image manipulation extension, customers can click on their premium quality canvas print, and see what it would look like in a kitchen, or living room scenario, with six different visualized options.

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Launching first in the US, American visitors to the website are offered a 20 percent storewide discount, and free shipping anywhere in the country. Wall Art Prints have reduced the time to roll out in new markets down to just two weeks, providing a high level of agility to their business, and turning their operation into a work of art.