Sell Cars Online SEAT Revs Up Performance & Responsive Design with Adobe

SEAT leveraged the advanced Adobe 2 eCommerce platform to highlight their technology leadership and design an immersive, responsive website to sell cars online.
Sell Cars Online - Responsive Design
6 Weeks Implementation Period
10% Decrease in Maintenance
Simplified Deployment and Customization

SEAT’s young customers love their smartphones. But their website wasn’t responsive.

SEAT, a subsidiary of Volkswagen, is one of the world’s largest automotive manufacturers. Their mission is to redefine the idea of “sporty performance” for its target audience of families and young people. Their customers are mobile-savvy and constantly connected to their smartphones and tablets. But the SEAT Germany brand store—where it sells toys, pens, and fashion accessories—was not optimized for responsive design. And it was very expensive to maintain.

Responsive Design, Sell Cars Online

The existing store was built on Hybris so the software updates and module upgrades were more expensive than a full Magento implementation. In addition, the platform wasn’t optimized for mobile experiences, which kept SEAT from fully engaging with their customers. SEAT wanted to leverage the advanced Magento 2 eCommerce platforms to highlight their technology leadership and design an immersive, mobile friendly site that embodied the SEAT brand idea of “technology to enjoy.” The decision was easy: they moved over to Magento 2.

We focus on using the latest technologies as a means of sustaining our brand and our leadership. The decision to implement Magento 2 is a strategic investment designed to deliver more engaging experiences while future proofing our eCommerce platforms.

Swen Haupt
Project Manager at Seat Germany Responsible for the Magento 2 Project

The out-of-box responsive design theme created an engaging mobile friendly website.

SEAT Germany partnered with Magento Solution Partner netz98 GmbH to handle their Magento 2 implementation. The SEAT team was already using Magento for their supplier web store, and liked the idea of being early adopters of new technology. They felt that gaining hands-on experience with the eCommerce platform would give them an advantage when implementing it across their other online stores, and allow them to eventually standardize on a single, leading-edge solution with responsive design.

Responsive Design, Sell Cars Online

Straight away, the platform’s free responsive website templates and UI Library allowed the team to easily and efficiently deliver an engaging mobile friendly website experience. This was a critical factor in the redesign of their online shop, and a significant part of their brand awareness strategy.

SEAT Germany was able to use the new, streamlined Magento 2 checkout capability and easily layer on additional features as necessary. With a cross-sell and up-sell engine, Magento 2 gave SEAT the ability to define rules based on product categories and dynamic customer segmentation. This flexibility empowered the team to create truly personalized experiences and offers for their shoppers.

Faster page loads, longer sessions, fantastic experiences.

The results were huge: navigation and page load times on mobile devices improved, and the average duration of mobile sessions significantly increased—SEAT’s customers loved shopping on the new site. The SEAT team found that the performance, usability, and maintenance of the new site surpassed their expectations.

Sell Cars Online, Responsive Design

The architectural changes in Magento 2 and the new automated testing framework helped SEAT Germany create cleaner and higher quality code that is easier to maintain and upgrade over time. Using Magento 2, routine changes and ongoing maintenance decreased by about 10 percent, compared to their existing storefront, making the site more cost effective. The enhanced APIs made for easier integrations with SEAT’s branded merchandise supplier.

Today, all orders are directly linked to the vendor who produces and drop-ships the merchandise to the consumer. This minimizes maintenance and inventory costs. It also makes the entire process more efficient by minimizing the “back and forth” between SEAT Germany and their vendor. The shift toward using modern development practices, such as dependency injection and service contracts, significantly simplifies development and customization. In fact, the site was coded in just six weeks.