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Inside Gaudy Boutique's Digital Transformation to Sell Clothes Online

Gaudy Boutique, a Texas-based boutique, had aspirations of growing beyond a small business. With Magento Commerce, they engaged with customers across America, driving a staggering +41% revenue lift.
Sell Clothes Online - Gaudy Boutique
+60% Sessions
+55% Users
+41% Revenue

Thanks to eCommerce, a local brand expanded its fashion empire.

Tim Perkins launched his fashion brand, Dressin’ Gaudy, 27 years ago from the back of his 1982 Toyota Corolla. During his first year, the startup business outgrew his car, his garage, and then expanded into its first store in Tyler, Texas (Pop. 90,000). The brand’s high quality and affordable women’s outfits were an immediate hit with locals, leading Perkins to expand into six more store locations in four other Texan cities.

Sell Clothes Online - Gaudy Boutique

Dressin’ Gaudy had grown exponentially, but their websites had zero eCommerce capabilities. The brand’s CFO, Jeni Ramsey, knew this would be a barrier to future growth, and decided that eCommerce was the key to expanding nationwide. Their strategy was to capture the vibrant ‘Dressin’ Gaudy’ personality and sweet Southern style in an online shopping experience that would appeal to shoppers from around the country. They decided to combine their two existing brands, Gaudy Me and Dressin’ Gaudy, and created one central online brand, the Gaudy Boutique.

They didn’t want the boutique to look like a “mom and pop” store. Dressin’ Gaudy needed a site that was as eye-catching as their fashion. They also needed a platform that was easy enough for their small team to process orders, add new products, and manage merchandising. The Gaudy team discovered one platform came with all the eCommerce features they needed. That platform was Magento Commerce 2.

It was reassuring when respected colleagues recommended Magento. We needed partners who could deliver an online brand experience that looked and felt like the Gaudy brand. To date, this is one of the best decisions we’ve ever made.

Jeni Ramsey
CFO, The Gaudy Boutique

An engaging, irresistible fashion store.

It was Red Rook, the Magento Professional Solution Partner, who introduced the Gaudy Boutique to Magento Commerce, and to EYStudios, the Magento Enterprise Solution Partner. Together the two partners started to create a total eCommerce solution for the growing fashion brand, with an ambitious deadline of just under four months. Once live, the company would leverage its substantial social media presence to drive traffic to its new online store.

Sell Clothes Online - Gaudy Boutique

They created a magazine-style layout that beautifully merchandises the brand’s colorful tops, flowing dresses, and modern denims. A “get the look” section populates with their latest Instagram posts, engaging their more than 23,500 followers, while a “model specs” feature reveals the measurements of the model in each photograph. This invaluable information helps customers visualize how they might look in a specific tunic, romper, or maxi dress, and reduces the risk of returns.

With the PayPal Express Checkout integration in Magento Commerce, Gaudy Boutique streamlined their checkout process. About 30 percent of online orders flow through PayPal, allowing the brand to offer their customers an easy, safe, and convenient way to pay – while improving conversions and minimizing cart abandonment.

Huge traffic and revenue spikes.

The success of the Gaudy Boutique’s eCommerce launch is due in large part to the company’s vision and the dedication of their partners. After four months of work, the online store launched in April 2017, and enjoyed a huge influx of visitors. This was driven by their significant Facebook presence (94k Likes), their enviable Instagram following, and the infamous ‘Gaudy Grab,’ a semi-annual sale that drives huge traffic and revenue spikes both instore and online.

Sell Clothes Online - Gaudy Boutique

After the first eight months, the store received 162,000 new users, with 328k sessions accounting for more than 2.8 million page views.

Overall the Gaudy Boutique engaged with customers across America, while enjoying an increase in cross-channel shopping between the retail stores and the online boutique. Between February and March 2018, the ‘low season’ for fashion sales, sessions increased by 60 percent, users increased by 55 percent, and revenue increase by 41 percent. If this trend holds, the Gaudy Boutique is on track to double their growth rate every year for the next three years.