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Sell Clothes Online How Injinji Stepped into the Future with Magento 2

Powered by Magento, Injinji created animated sliders and a dynamic menu navigation, to allow customers to easily find their own five-toe advantage.
Sell Clothes Online - Injinji
+26% Mobile Revenue
+10% Mobile Average Order Value
+4% Average Order Value

The innovative footwear company needed an upgrade to better sell clothes online.

Founded in 1999, Injinji is the California-based company behind the famous five-toe sock. The patented sock design helps enhance the freedom and natural function of the foot inside any shoe, leaving less time to worry about discomfort and more time for adventure. Preferred by athletes and adventurers alike, the five-toe sock is an anatomic, dry athletic product that functions like a second skin for the wearer, and symbolizes the mission of Injinji, a brand dedicated to the health and performance of feet.

Sell Clothes Online - Injinji

For a brand that leads the charge in quality and performance, it was essential that their digital offering was in step. In 2017, they embarked upon a redesign project. Injinji wanted to improve the information architecture (IA) to make the site more scalable and user-friendly, and ensure that products were easily searchable. On desktop and mobile, they wanted to showcase high-quality imagery, enticing content, and an eCommerce journey that captures their core values and personality. They decided to upgrade to Magento 2 Open Source.

When Digital Operative upgraded our site to Magento 2 Open Source, they took the time to learn about our product, target market, and culture. Our new site exemplifies the quality of our brand.

Claire Kooperman
Brand Manager, Injinji

A seamless user journey, straight to checkout.

Injinji’s Magento Solution Partner, Digital Operative, got straight to work building a fully responsive and interactive website on Magento 2. “Making the upgrade from Magento Commerce 1 to 2 enabled Injinji to take their eCommerce experience and platform to the next level. The improved user experience, both on the customer and merchant site, has made a significant impact on their business. The platform’s native features and functionality, combined with DO’s customizations, has made a big different in helping them reach their eCommerce goals,” said Adam Levenson, CTO and Co-Founder at Digital Operative. Their team focused on creating a dynamic mobile friendly experience with seamless catalog browsing, product comparison, store locator, and a custom product finder experience to sell clothes online.

Sell Clothes Online - Injinji

Relishing their ability to choose from thousands of extensions, Injinji discovered they could completely customise their customer’s web experience. They used Amasty’s Layered Navigation for a user-friendly navigation on the left hand side of each category page. Amasty Promo allowed them to quickly and easily create new types of promotions, like the Ultra Run Collection, for extra-tough runs and workouts. They added a slew of other extensions from Firebear, FishPig, and WeltPixel, to tune up the site’s performance, and aheadworks’ ‘Gift Card for Magento 2,’ to allow Injinji customers to design their own gift cards.

Sell Clothes Online - Injinji

They also built 33 in-house custom modules, including a custom registration process, menu manager, product find helper, and a custom slider. On the back-end, an Order Monitor tracks various performance indicators including orders, average order value, revenue, and discounts.

Magento 2 provided Injinji with better catalog management capabilities, flexibility within pricing rules, and overall an improved day-to-day operational management due to the speed of the new admin.

An original, engaging web experience to sell clothes online.

The new Injinji webstore launched in the Summer of 2017. With animated sliders and a dynamic menu navigation, it’s never been easier for Injinji customers to choose their own five-toe advantage– on desktop and mobile. Shoppers can now search from products based on their terrain (the gym, trail, or even snow), or by sock height and weight. This new category structure now leads consumers down specific funnels, driving better conversions. Meanwhile, with the new custom product finder, customers can compare products, learn more about them, and buy with ease – all within the same digital journey.

The result was an innovative website that won both a Davey Award and a Web Award, before becoming a finalist for Best Web Experience at the 2018 Imagine Excellence Awards. But most importantly, the new site captures the spirit of Injinji – a design icon with one foot in the future.

Since launch, we’ve experienced an increase in Average Order Value and revenue both overall and on mobile, and much of that can be attributed to the quality and flexibility of the Magento 2 platform.

Claire Kooperman
Brand Manager, Injinji