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Sell Clothes Online For Pink Coconut Boutique, Growth is Always in Fashion

When Pink Coconut, a popular fashion retailer, from Olive Branch, Mississippi, Magento helped them expand their business across America, delivering a more engaging shopping experience, and boosting conversion rate by 13%.
Sell Clothes Online
+13% Conversion Rate
+16% Transactions
-16% Bounce Rate

The local fashion retailer had big ambitions.

Olive Branch, Mississippi may not be among the world’s fashion hotspots, like London, Paris, or New York, but for loyal customers of Pink Coconut Boutique, this Memphis suburb is the epicenter of American style. Mic and Sheri Hensley launched the boutique in 2010, aiming it at the modern Southern millennial: fashion-forward, trend-setting women who love a bargain, and who refuse to look like everyone else. After six years of delighting customers in Olive Branch (pop. 33,484), Mic and Sheri set their sights on bigger goals.

Fashion eCommerce

They needed to expand their business across America and deliver a more engaging shopping experience online. They wanted to allow their digital customers to picture themselves in that cute floral romper, with the perfect pair of wedge heels – and then click the “buy now” button. A new approach to online shopping would help them stand out in the crowded marketplace of smaller boutiques, while accelerating growth. What they needed was a new eCommerce platform.

Magento and EYStudios care about our product, they care about our business....Our success is their success.

Sheri Hensley
Owner, Pink Coconut Boutique

Connecting with cool, younger shoppers.

Together with their Magento Enterprise Solution Partner, EYStudios, Pink Coconut Boutique decided to move to Magento Commerce. The teams started work in December of 2016 with an expedited timeline: They needed a completely redesigned and replatformed site in time for the Spring buying season. EYStudios would have to fully migrate the site and create the custom functionality needed to improve the customer experience, in double-fast time.

First, they created a new highly visual homepage to showcase Pink Coconut’s stunning in-house photography. A clear and compelling design complemented their imagery to connect with cool, younger shoppers. The boutique’s “shop the look” capability introduced buyable Instagram links to leverage the brand’s 127,000 engaged followers. Meanwhile, a “shop by model” page allows customers to search for the styles preferred by the fashionable Pink Coconut models.

Fashion eCommerce Sites

At the center of the experience is customer feedback. Pink Coconut keeps customer reviews at the forefront of all product pages. Leveraging powerful extensions for email and social also helps to create a more connected online experience, powering Pink Coconut to increase engagement and build lasting relationships with their customers.

The main priority was site performance and page load times with the new high resolution imagery. Magento Commerce performed better than expected, delivering blazingly fast page load times. On mobile, the experience features streamlined navigation and ‘search and sort’ capabilities to quickly direct customers to product pages. This gives shoppers everything they need to fall in love with the perfect pair of jeans – and then share with their friends.

Conversions are up.

The new store launched just in time for the Spring buying season, and customers were thrilled with the new experience. Using the in-store pickup module, customers can now order online and pick up at their local Pink Coconut retail store. And when products are unavailable, a custom in-stock notifier system alerts customers when their “Shred my heart to pieces shorts” or “Trust fund baby kimono” becomes available. Plus, with Magento, the Pink Coconut team has the flexibility they need to continuously update products and merchandising as seasonal and sale items come and go.

Sell Clothes Online

Finally, the new customer checkout experience features a streamlined purchase flow. This allows customers to checkout using PayPal for added confidence and security. And after their first holiday season on the Magento platform, the Pink Coconut team has seen amazing results. The new site saw a 12.67 percent increase in conversion rates between the 2016 holiday season and 2017. And transactions were up 16.43 percent in the same period, making Pink Coconut Boutique a real American success story.

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