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Sell Food Online Monin and its Taste of Success

Monin, the world-famous syrup brand, is renowned for creating such culinary creations as gingerbread lattes, raspberry emondes, and blackberry sangrias. With the help of Adobe, their sales increased by over 400%.
Sell Food Online - food ecommerce - Monin
+400% Sales Revenue
+20% Conversion Rates
+10% Increase in Email-driven Revenue

Sharing flavor and expanding the business to sell food online.

Monin, the world-famous syrup brand, is renowned for creating such culinary creations as gingerbread lattes, raspberry lemonades, and blackberry sangrias. Established more than a century ago in Bourges, France, the privately-owned company produces more than 200 different beverage and culinary flavors, from syrups and sauces to purees and smoothies, that are enjoyed in restaurants, coffee houses, bars, and home kitchens in more than 160 countries.

Sell Food Online - food ecommerce - Monin

As a growing business expanding into multiple markets, Monin knew the business required a high-performing platform with the flexibility to meet the needs of a multi-national and robust customer base. It also needed to seamlessly integrate with their key technology systems. Since 2013, Monin had successfully run its operations on Magento Commerce 1, and in just four years, the platform has boosted their overall US eCommerce revenue by 53 percent.

In 2018, with the website showing very positive numbers and continuing to grow, Monin started the task of upgrading to Magento Commerce 2. This was a necessary and critical move, allowing Monin to modernize their architecture, improve coding standards, and increase workflow efficiencies, while more-closely aligning with their email partner, dotmailer. The overall goal of this partnership, and the upgrade to Magento Commerce 2 was to achieve a positive impact on business performance and UX, and address the issue of the flavor company’s slow weekdays.

Creative, content-rich campaigns are an integral component of Monin's future digital marketing plans. Thanks to Magento, Monin is committed to staying connected with its customers, and to better understanding what drives their interest.

Todd Cummings
CIO, Monin

To sell food online, content marketing was the answer.

Magento Commerce provided the foundation for development, delivery, and management of a content-rich customer experience to complement a dynamic email strategy proposed by dotmailer. Monin augmented their site with recipes in delicious categories like mocktails, cocktails, and flavored sodas – bringing instructions to life with captivating videos and how-to tutorials. By adding a ‘tips and techniques’ section to the site, Monin teaches customers how to make the perfect iced vanilla latte, and the importance of warming a mug before serving hot beverages. Meanwhile, a culinary section features blog posts about everything from Pumpkin Bacon Mac ‘n Cheese recipes to hot trends in the baking world, all powered by a WordPress blog integration. Naturally, Monin’s customers can purchase the desired flavorings, sauces, pumps, and accessories directly from product pages with a pop-up checkout page.

Sell Food Online - food ecommerce - Monin

To address a midweek traffic dip, Monin combined the expertise of Magento Commerce and dotmailer. Together, they identified user preferences and targeted content and promotions at customer segments and address books. The result was a dynamic email marketing campaign that used data insights to deliver the most relevant content. Customer history tracked in Magento by dotmailer's WebInsights allows Monin to curate content and product selections based on previous purchases, recently visited product pages, and abandoned cart items.

Sales increased by 400 percent.

Monin began working with dotmailer in 2015, and will complete their upgrade to Magento Commerce 2 in Q4 of 2018. In the time working with both companies, Monin has built up an impressive content strategy, refined automation, and built out targeted email segments that address the right customer with the right message. With these new tactics, Monin has seen online sales increase dramatically.

Sell Food Online - food ecommerce - Monin

Another specific success has come in the form of a carefully planned email by the Monin marketing team to capitalize on slow Mondays and Tuesdays. Their ‘Monin Mondays’ campaign uses inbox spontaneity coupled with a hard-hitting discount code, to incentivize purchases from lapsed customers, those customers who have yet to purchase, and even VIP customers. The marketing campaign, run routinely four to five times a year, has boosted sales by as much as 400 percent.

By harnessing the data from dotmailer, and the technical capabilities of Magento Commerce, Monin transformed Monday from a slow day into one of its biggest sales days with 20 percent higher conversion rates and a 10 percent increase in email-driven revenue.