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Industry West was a Small Business with Big Ambitions

Industry West, a modern furniture retailer, needed an innovative store to sell online. Discover how Magento revolutionized their business.
Sell Furniture Online - Industry West
+40% Web Revenue (YoY)
+30% Customer Phone Calls
+35% Average Order Value (YoY)

The small business brand needed a platform designed for growth to sell furniture online.

Founded in 2011, Industry West is known in the furniture industry as an online source of highly curated, innovative modern furniture. The brand was founded by CEO Jordan England and his wife Anne, who were searching for the perfect dining room chairs for their home redesign in South Carolina.

Sell Furniture Online - Industry West

When Jordan found the designer chairs he liked, he found they were too expensive. So he connected with a designer and made his own, at a higher quality—and a lower price. Soon, he was shipping chairs nationwide. The small business had evolved to sell furniture online and offer a bigger variety.

Industry West’s CMO, Ian Leslie, explained: “Our original selling point was ‘design for the people.’ We wanted to distribute the furniture products that people wanted, with a quality that will last—and a warranty.” Based in Jacksonville, Florida, the small business soon expanded to 10 full-time employees, two national distribution centers, and a thriving trade clientele. Soon they were selling furniture online to furnish spaces for the likes of Google, Facebook, the New York Yankees, and Airbnb. With the world’s most innovative companies knocking at its door, Industry West needed an intuitive website to digitally transform its small business.

It feels like we're on the right track and we're excited to continue to iterate upon what we’ve built.

Ian Leslie
CMO, Industry West

This small business created an intuitive B2B experience.

As a small business in the beginning, Industry West started its eCommerce journey on Drupal, then moved to Magento Open Source. Knowing that they needed to implement some major new functionality, they decided to upgrade to Magento Commerce 2.1.2.

With their new site, they wanted to build a store with wishlist functionality, so their trade partners could create projects online. Using Magento Commerce, they built a platform where customers can select a color palette and add a project timeline, then add pieces to their project like collecting ideas on Pinterest—and seamlessly fill up their cart.

Sell Furniture Online - Industry West

“The real value of the wishlist functionality is that customers can seamlessly share their project with their partners and teams without having to print tear sheets,” added Leslie. The new B2B site also allows Industry West to set up accounts for preferred partners, who receive custom discounts and can invite colleagues to the furniture site.

On the marketing side, Industry West uses CallRail for call tracking and MailChimp for email marketing campaigns and abandoned cart campaigns, all easily implemented into the Magento backend.

They now sell furniture online with an AOV the size of a monthly house payment.

In less than 10 weeks after launching the new site to sell furniture online, more than 700 SKUs were added to Industry West’s ‘wish list’, and almost 100 individual projects were created.

Sell Furniture Online - Industry West

The results have exceeded all expectations: “It feels like we’re on the right track and we're excited to continue to iterate upon what we’ve built,” said Leslie, “Our AOVs, transactions, and revenue have all increased!”

And the project is far from over: Industry West is planning to continue to build upon the trade side of its furniture eCommerce website and make it even easier for trade customers to make large orders without having to pick up the phone.

Industry West also has bigger, B2C plans: “We’re always exploring ways to better serve the residential side of the industry and provide beautiful, quality products at the best price,” said Leslie. And with Magento Commerce, they have the perfect infrastructure to test new markets.