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Sell Online How The Daily Edited Built the Ultimate Web Experience

The Daily Edited is an Australian fashion brand known for its personalized leather goods and lifestyle accessories. Powered by Magento Commerce, the brand’s online revenue has grown at 40 percent month-over-month.
Sell Online - The Daily Edited
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The accessories brand wanted to wow their customers.

The Daily Edited is an Australian fashion brand known for its customisable fashion and lifestyle accessories. At, shoppers can celebrate their individuality and personal style by having their initials, name, or even a handwritten message applied to the TDE line from their ever popular phone cases to overnight bags.

Sell Online - The Daily Edited

Based in Sydney, the brand’s creative team sources the finest leather and materials, producing sought-after items with an understated chic, and a luxury feel at an attainable price point. Despite growing into a major online retailer, TDE keep their fashion lines extremely limited, with customers vying for bags and clutches produced in runs of less than 1,000 items, with new lines released every four to six weeks.

With their multi-channel retail approach and commitment to attainable luxury, TDE’s mission is to allow everyone to experience their brand, regardless of their budget or geographical location. But their eCommerce platform was not up for the challenge. “We were on a WooCommerce platform,” explains Alyce Tran, the brand’s CEO. “It hampered our ability to scale and cater to consumers accessing our site via mobile.” TDE had built a significant market share in Australia, and had set their sights on conquering America, but their platform was stopping them from expanding into new international markets. TDE was also dispatching thousands of orders on a weekly basis without the ability to batch sync to their carriers, making fulfilment a labor-intensive nightmare. When fast-growing companies outgrow their platforms, they soon find their way to Magento Commerce to sell online.

Magento has enabled my business to get to the next level and see out our next phase of growth.

Alyce Tran
CEO, The Daily Edited

Global domination made easy.

Teaming up with Magento Solution Partner, MindArc, TDE chose Magento Commerce 2 as their new platform. “By providing us with a flexible platform to grow our business and allowing us to easily integrate and add extensions as required, we can keep our business moving forward and meet the demands of our consumers,” said Tran.

“Various extensions have enabled us to operate more effectively and with fewer team members, significantly decreasing our costs in doing business and reducing the bottlenecks in our order fulfilment flow,” said Tran. “Now we filter orders and create order reports to allocate production to our three fulfilment locations and our customer is notified at every stage along the way,” she said. Fulfilment is now a breeze.

Sell Online - The Daily Edited

Magento Commerce 2 delivered a beautiful, mobile-responsive site with full-screen video capabilities and dynamic layouts. Using third-party extensions, TDE gave their SEO a boost, sped up their load times with Varnish caching, and allowed their customers to pay in instalments. They created a sophisticated customer account system, and a 3D bag builder that allows customers to visualize their initials on the their iPhone case or purse. Customers can choose the size, style, and color of the font, and scroll through a slider to see their finished product from four different angles, while an external API tool creates a shareable JPG so they can show off their designs to friends. When products are sold-out, like their feverishly popular Black Belt Bag, customers can sign up for stock notifications.

Most importantly, TDE used the multi-store capabilities of Magento to expand into three new international markets, quickly and easily launching web stores to serve customers in Singapore, the UK, and US. “Having the ability to have regionalised content on these sites has enabled us to win over more customers, especially in the US market,” said Tran.

The American dream, realized.

Implementation of the new site took around six to eight months and the TDE team are constantly iterating and making new changes. “We have come a long way since our WooCommerce days,” said Tran. “After our Magento implementation, our operations became much more streamlined, enabling our team to focus on our customers rather than operations. It’s put us ahead of some of our competitors as we’re able to create bespoke experience for our customers, fast.”

Sell Online - The Daily Edited

“We chose Magento because we understood that the platform would enable us to scale our store outside the Australian market.” The brand’s online revenue has grown at 40 percent month-on-month since their Magento launch, while their Average Order Value has increased by 20 percent. “We have also experienced strong growth in the US market, taking our business from zero revenue in the US to substantial multi-million dollar revenue in a market that was new to us,” said Tran. In fact, sales grew so fast that the brand was confident enough to open a physical store on the fashionable Bleecker Street in New York, which quickly led to a retail deal with Saks Fifth Avenue.