Sell Online How Dufry Revolutionized Airport Shopping

Magento Commerce was the perfect platform for travel retailer, Dufry, because it empowers international businesses to easily implement multiple sites across different geographies, languages, currencies, and products.
Best eCommerce Platform - Dufry
3 Months to Launch in New Countries
12 Stores Launched in 1 Year
2.5 Billion Potential Customers

The world's leading travel retailer had an ambitious plan.

With a history that dates back to 1865, the Swiss travel retailer Dufry operates over 2,200 duty-free and duty-paid shops in airports, cruise liners, seaports, and other tourist locations. In 64 countries around the world, Dufry’s 32,000 employees offer more than 50,000 products to a stream of 2.5 billion potential customers, from frequent business travellers to families heading to their summer vacation. In fact, it’s likely that if you’ve ever shopped in an airport store, you bought your perfume or chocolates from Dufry.

Sell Online - Airport Shopping

Magento Commerce was the perfect platform for Dufry because it empowers international businesses to quickly and easily launch multiple sites across different geographic locations, supporting different languages, currencies, and products. But Dufry wanted to revolutionize the airport shopping experience, and connect the worlds of online and in-store shopping. Dufry imagined a world in which a customer flying into Lima International Airport in Peru could select their aftershave, candies, and gifts online, then pick them up when they breeze through the airport.

‘Reserve & Collect’ all over the world.

Dufry’s Magento Enterprise Solution Partner, Interactiv4, built their collection of global stores on the flexible, scalable, and powerful Magento infrastructure. On the back end, a consolidated management interface for the multiple storefronts was key to the success of this ambitious project. It allowed Dufry to setup a consistent look and feel for each store, while managing the localized product catalogs, pricing, and taxes using various third-party extensions. These variables were configured for each store location and further customized based on where the traveller was headed.

Airport Shopping, Sell Online

On the front end, travellers can browse through beauty, food, and liquor categories, with a fully web-responsive design that looks and feels great on desktop and mobile devices.

Customers can even shop their favorite brands on brand-specific pages, and once they’ve selected their favorite cognac or chocolates, a mini-cart streamlines the checkout process, having to leave the product page. After adding their flight dates and times to their order, customers select their pickup point based on their terminal, and can pay online or in-store. And the entire experience is localized for each specific airport, and customers can switch between languages on the fly.

A globe-trotting success.

Interactiv4 and Dufry launched a staggering 12 international online stores in their first year, and another 16 in the year following their Magento implementation. With Reserve and Collect, Dufry enabled a new online sales channel designed to give global travellers more options and a better shopping experience.

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From Marrakech to London, shoppers can select what they want online, and magically pick it up as they travel to their latest destination, with a truly omnichannel experience. Thanks to their expanded web presence and innovative UX, Dufry has increased their overall market presence, and given their customers sky-high satisfaction.