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Sell Shoes Online Easy Spirit Saved 50% TCO By Leaving Demandware

Demandware was slow and causing bottlenecks in their order process. Easy Spirit decided it was time for a change. Selling shoes online should be easy.
Sell Shoes Online
-50% Total Cost of Ownership
+10% Conversion Rate
30 Days Faster Supply Chain vs. Demandware

The footwear retailer needed to optimize its operations.

For over 35 years, Easy Spirit has focused on one mission: to liberate women from compromising comfort over style. The popular women's footwear brand was recently purchased by Marc Fisher Footwear, who straight away saw that Easy Spirit’s eCommerce platform was underperforming. Demandware was slow and causing bottlenecks in their order process. It seemed to take ages for products entering the supply chain to become available to the webstore, and the Customer Service team suffered delays before they could access orders and help customers. Most importantly, the checkout flow was too long and it was affecting conversion.

Fashion eCommerce - Easy Spirit

Marc Fisher Footwear wanted to migrate Easy Spirit – together with their other shoe brands – to one platform, so that they could operate from a single admin, and have a greater visibility and insights into customer data. The brand also decided to move Easy Spirit’s webstore from Salesforce Commerce Cloud (formerly Demandware) to Magento Commerce Cloud, knowing they could replicate every Salesforce feature using Magento, while saving money on agency development, in-house staff, and license fees.

They asked their Magento Solution Partner, mediaspa, to take care of business. “We chose Magento Commerce Cloud because we thought we could replicate what they had on Demandware, and do it at half the total cost of ownership,” said Gary Benerofe, CEO of mediaspa. “Like all merchants, Easy Spirit also wanted more sales and better conversion rate.”

Magento and mediaspa partnered with Marc Fisher Footwear to launch an incredible, feature-rich enterprise eCommerce experience that will power a ton of future growth for our business.

Lee Bissonnette
VP eCommerce, Marc Fisher Footwear

A beautiful site, with a serious back-end.

In their redesign of the Easy Spirit site, mediaspa customized several Pagebuilder features including video capabilities for their sliders, dynamic resizing, and control hiding for a simple yet beautiful design. By implementing a One Page Checkout, mediaspa delivered a quick checkout flow to increase conversion rate. Mediaspa also chose from the wide selection of third-party extensions on the Magento Marketplace, to empower customer’s shoe reviews and User Generated Content; Emarsys added dynamic product recommendations; Signifyd kept fraudsters at bay; and Zendesk improved customer service.

Sell Online - Easy Spirit

Magento Commerce also fixed Easy Spirit’s slow supply problems: the Advanced Fulfillment Integration exposed more pre-order shoes to the consumer earlier in the fulfillment journey. Now, products in the supply chain are made available to the website 30 days faster than was possible then on Demandware. Their old platform also required an eight-hour delay before the customer experience team could access an order and potentially help a customer – thanks to Magento, that connection is now made in real-time, reducing the remorse period when a customer can cancel an order.

More customer insights than ever before.

The new Easy Spirit site launched in October of 2017, after an implementation time of four months. The customer experience changed most notably with a new, improved checkout and access to new products. The implementation included many more features designed to please customers, including videos, quizzes, and more UGC. On the back end, the remorse period is down, pre-order visibility is up, and the customer experience team has more customer data than they’ve ever had.

Sell Shoes Online - Easy Spirit

“The Magento ecosystem had a solution for every need we had. The biggest challenge was choosing the right elements of the ecosystem to utilize,” said mediaspa’s Gary Benerofe. “Our goal was to use those solutions out-of-the-box when possible to ensure our platform would scale. That being said, we used many customizations along the way.”

“Our partner helped us devise and execute the vision,” said Lee Bissonnette, VP eCommerce Marc Fisher Footwear, “Business operations improved dramatically, as manual work was automated and staff was reduced from 18 to a handful.” Easy Spirit also enjoyed the fact that Magento Commerce came in at 50 percent less TCO than Demandware, meaning that the shoe brand is reducing costs while boosting sales—a step in the right direction.