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Sell Shoes Online Munro Footwear Stepped into the Future with Magento

Munro Footwear, Australia's largest online shoe retailer, needed to unify its sprawling digital business. See how Magento empowered them to consolidate multiple stores into one omnichannel customer experience.
Sell Shoes Online
+30% Conversion
+20-120% Revenue*
+90% Unique Purchases*

Australia's largest online shoe retailer needed a unified approach to eCommerce.

The Munro Footwear Group owns many of Australia’s most iconic footwear brands, including Midas, Mollini, Django and Juliette, Diana Ferrari, and Colorado. Established in 1962, the family-owned business has grown to become one of Australia’s leading footwear retailers and wholesalers, over the years acquiring many different brands. As a result, the company was operating multiple eCommerce platforms, technology systems, business models, and a complex inventory network serving 600 retail locations. Munro Footwear knew that to continue their growth, they needed to consolidate and unify their digital business.

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In 2010, Munro acquired StyleTread, Australia’s largest pure-play online footwear retailer. StyleTread was already leveraging Magento Commerce 1. Witnessing for the first time the power of Magento, Munro realized that the platform could combine its multiple brands under one system, improve efficiency, unify inventory management across channels, and boost their business. Together with their Professional Solution Partner, Aligent Consulting, they decided to embark on a corporate-wide upgrade to Magento Commerce 2.

Improved efficiency and omnichannel expansion.

In the footwear industry, the combination of styles and sizes can create an overwhelming number of SKUs. In Munro’s case, their SKUs were thinly spread across multiple outlets, making it difficult to source and fulfill orders. Magento Commerce 2 allowed Munro to fulfill orders from any location and make more SKUs available online, while improving the customer experience and driving incremental revenue. Using Magento, Munro fully automated their return process, including label printing, scheduling carriers, scanning and returning the product to inventory, refunds, and even fraud management.

Sell Shoes Online

Munro chose Braintree for processing payments, based on its ease of integration with Magento Commerce 2. Each Munro brand now operates as an independent entity with separate payment gateways and bank accounts, and rolls up into a master account for full transparency and accounting. The open architecture of Magento also enabled Munro to add merchandising, search, and personalization tools to great effect. The out-of-the-box multi-currency functionality also made global expansion easy—as Munro moved into a new market, New Zealand.

The tip of the iceberg.

Currently, Munro has migrated eight of its brands to Magento Commerce 2. They have plans for four more in the coming months. The results to date are just the “tip of the iceberg,” in terms of operational efficiency and effectiveness, the brand reports. But the upgrade to Magento Commerce 2 was a key part of their overall digital transformation. By applying the StyleTread implementation to its other brands, Munro saved on a significant additional investment. For sites that migrated from bespoke platforms, Munro enjoyed a conversion increase of 30 percent in just 12 months. Now, Munro can acquire new brands knowing they can roll them easily onto their platform with minimal costs, and dramatically lift conversions.

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Today, Styletread is Australia's largest online shoe retailer, recently hitting the revenue milestone of $100 million. And while revenue increases are impressive, when coupled with even stronger cost cutting, the benefit to the bottom line is undeniable.

The savings from running a fully automated inventory system has eliminated the costly process of manually loading SKUs, and has streamlined managing inventory, returns, and fulfillment. Munro’s digital transformation not only revolutionized the customer experience, but it delivered a killer ROI.

*Statistics represent individual site migrations