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Swedol Found an Industrial Strength eCommerce B2B Solution in Magento

This Swedish merchant needed to host eight brands on one platform. They chose Magento Commerce as the foundation.
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2400 unique web shops
8 brands
15 catalogs

Double revenue by 2020

When most people think of eCommerce, they probably don’t think about it in the context of industrial businesses like Swedol AB. The company has been providing hydraulics, lifting and loading equipment, electrical goods, tools, personal protective equipment, vehicle accessories, and consumables to companies in the haulage and transport, construction, manufacturing, and agriculture and forestry sectors for the past 50-plus years. Back in the day, their five employees sold hoses and connectors to forestry contractors. Today almost 1,000 employees offer over 80,000 SKUs to customers across 100 stores in Sweden, Norway, Finland, and Estonia.

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Since it’s rebranding in 2014, the company has been focused on driving profitable growth through acquisitions and organic growth. As a result of their acquisitions, Swedol is now made up of four companies, representing 8 brands. eCommerce is a core part of their strategy to double inventory turnover by 2020. To achieve this goal they needed a B2B solution capable of supporting all the brands, in all four countries while ensuring headroom for future growth.

Magento had all the B2B features and functionality we needed to support our anticipated growth. The community and partner expertise was essential to the successful project.

Clint Fischerström
E-commerce Director, Swedol

Magento is the glue that holds it all together

Swedol chose to work with Magento Business Solution Partner, Lybe to help design, develop and deliver their new Magento eCommerce platform. The strategy was to build all four company sites on the Magento platform with a common login and checkout process to make it easy to cross-sell among the Swedol brands, switch between sites, and deliver a seamless B2B customer experience. As the common platform across all brands, Magento provides the same intuitive user experience, allowing each brand to customize their specific store look & feel with logos, colors and unique content.

The project included migrating to new Jeeves ERP and C4 Contexture PIM systems to unify processes, systems and data across the eight brands, starting with Grolls (the brand for industrial work clothing and personal protective gear). Those systems integrate with Magento to ensure customers have real-time product and pricing that are consistent with other sales channels and can customize their safety equipment purchases with their company logos. They also ensure customers can research online, access detailed product specs, documentation, and videos to determine the right type of safety boots or flame retardant clothing for their work environment.

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Lybe also built punchout capabilities to support e-procurement systems used by many of their larger contractor customers. Once logged in as a punchout user, the customer sees unique product assortment and pricing on the site, and when they are ready to checkout, the cart is returned to their procurement system. Using the Store Credit feature customers can assign budget limits and required approvals by role to better manage expenditures. Customers can log in to their own “MyPage” portal to manage their account and buyers, view their purchasing history,  and see special messages from Swedol’s purchasing department for a truly personalized and efficient experience.

The “Store selector” allows customers to select a specific store location for purchase and pick-up options. A contractor with a new project starting the following day can order online and pick up extra reflective vests, hard hats or gloves in a nearby store the same day. An analysis of the brand’s marketing campaigns shows that eCommerce is the single largest driver of sales in the company’s physical stores.

To serve customers who are often on a job site or out of the office, Swedol leveraged the responsive nature of Magento to create an optimized mobile experience. The mobile experience includes quick menus located at the bottom of the mobile site, in easy thumb reach. This makes it easier and faster for contractors on a project site to get product details on their smartphones and tablets. Improved search capabilities along with live chat features make the overall experience easier and more convenient.

A strong foundation for the future

Swedol has an aggressive and optimistic view of the future. The scalability of Magento ensures that Swedol is able to expand its Commerce footprint as necessary. As additional brands are transitioned onto the Magento eCommerce platform, the company will leverage the multisite capabilities to support additional countries, channels and currencies. Customers will enjoy personalized experiences across the suite of brands allowing them to quickly and easily find and purchase exactly what they need, wherever they need it.

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