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Transmarco Group scales-up their online business across Southeast Asia

How the footwear and lifestyle retailer delivered personalised experiences across Indonesia, Malaysia and Singapore with Adobe Commerce
Magento | Transmarco Customer Story
+30% basket size
+3X Transactions
+2.5% conversion rate

Transmarco Group wanted to deliver a world-class experience to their target millennial shoppers

Transmarco Group is a leading footwear and lifestyle retailer across Indonesia, Malaysia and Singapore. They hold the licenses for global brands including Hush Puppies, LeSportSac and Caterpillar, plus their own expansive range of brands, including Obermain and Robelli. With 800 distribution points across major department stores and shopping malls, the company set their sights on attracting and delighting shoppers across channels.

Forecasting the substantial growth of eCommerce, Transmarco Group set a course to expand their online presence. They were already successfully selling on popular marketplaces like Lazada and Zalora, but realised that building their own brand was vital to becoming a market leader and attracting more business. For branded goods, consumers across their key markets prefer to purchase on official brand websites to ensure authenticity. In 2017, they launched the online brand, targeting young professionals who wanted to shop around their hard-working hours of 9 am to 9 pm.

Magento case study | 9to9

They started off with Magento Open Source but soon upgraded to Magento Commerce in order to scale their eCommerce experience across Southeast Asia. They wanted to manage multiple websites and marketplaces from one, centralised solution for ease of management and visibility. On Magento Open source, heavy customisation would be needed to fulfil their omnichannel experience, where shoppers can buy online and pick-up at the nearest store. Beyond a strong, supportive ecosystem, Magento Commerce offers mobile native experiences with Progressive Web Applications that enabled Transmarco Group to stay ahead of ever-changing consumer demands.

There was never a question regarding which platform they would pick, explains Fahmi Reza, Head of eCommerce for Transmarco Group. “It wasn’t that Magento Open Source didn’t work. We were ready to expand, and Magento Commerce signalled this major turning point for the business.”

Magento Commerce would deliver the scalability for the company growth along with the flexibility to customise and curate their eCommerce delivery across multiple websites, supported by integration with Transmarco Group’s business systems. Magento Commerce’s full-spectrum solution would give the retailer access to out of the box enhancements not available on Open Source, something they were excited to tackle. “We’re serious and excited, about how eCommerce can bring us to the next level,” says Reza.

We have ambitious goals to grow our online business. The right path to build it is with a very powerful system that will support us now and for the future. That’s why we decided to move from Magento Open Source to Magento Commerce.

Fahmi Reza
Head of Ecommerce at Transmarco Group

A Scalable, Integrated, Centralised Solution

Magento Commerce provided a strong fit for Transmarco Group’s quest to deliver the best possible omnichannel experience. Beyond building new capabilities into the customer experience, they had plans to connect more marketplaces to their branded website and to introduce new product lines to appeal to a broader audience.

Transmarco Group’s partner agency, ICUBE (by SIRCLO)1, offered the vision and experience to create a tailored solution. Beyond the requirements of moving the enterprise’s current websites to Magento Commerce, they were also integrating it with a cloud-based infrastructure to leverage improved performance and scalability.

With Magento Commerce, they are now able to consolidate multiple data sources into a single dashboard, providing a holistic view of the retailer’s businesses. Whether a customer buys from a marketplace, bricks-and-mortar stores, or one of their websites, they’re able to see real-time stock availability. As a part of ICUBE’s design, orders aggregate across all 800 distribution points into a single view, delivered through their integration with eCommerce enabler, SIRCLO and their Microsoft Dynamics ERP to support inventory and order fulfilment. Merging access to data across the business helped break down silos between borders and foster fluid selling throughout the company’s extensive network.

Magento case study | 9to9

Customers can see stock availability, purchase online, pick up from the closest location, and return or exchange in-store. An array of gateway extensions provide the preferred payment options to cater to each country’s preferences, whether you’re shopping from Indonesia, Malaysia or Singapore. Customised chat apps on each website help customers connect with service support for instant responses to enquiries.

Acknowledging the continually changing demands and needs of their audiences, Magento Commerce delivers an optimised experience across each device, from laptop to smartphone, reinforcing brand recognition and trustworthiness. Marketing promotions attract new shoppers through special offers and sales. In the background, Transmarco Group has confidence that their complete omnichannel solution with Magento Commerce provides security for themselves and customers.

Beyond pleasing customers, it’s essential to ensure the sales team feel included in the changing retail landscape. To synergise offline staff with online sales, ICUBE by SIRCLO developed a commission program to reward eCommerce purchases promoted by employees using promo codes.

1 In June 2020, ICUBE officially merged with Indonesia’s leading eCommerce enabler; SIRCLO.

A Business That’s Well-Equipped for ‘The New Normal’

At a time when many retailers rushed to meet increased demand due to Covid19, Transmarco Group were well positioned to scale-up and introduce new products like face masks and touchless fingers. And they plan to launch further lifestyle items to meet the changing needs of their audiences. More customers have discovered their websites and clearly like what they see. Basket sizes have ballooned by 30 per cent and despite economic challenges brought on by the current pandemic, Transmarco Group witnessed a 2.5% annual lift in online conversion. It all adds up to success, proven by a 3x surge in number of transactions. Backed by their recent growth, Transmarco Group continue to unlock more capabilities with Magento Commerce, such as honing product recommendation and personalisation.

Magento case study | 9to9

“If you want to sell online and you really want to go big, you must start with a trustworthy platform that can cater to your needs. For us, that’s Magento Commerce,” says Reza.

With Magento Commerce, Transmarco Group’s omnichannel delivery now leverages their brand awareness and has ramped-up their ability to introduce new brands and products with ease, due to the technology’s scalability.

Muliadi Jeo
Founder of ICUBE and CTO at SIRCLO