Magento Masters

About Magento Masters

The Magento Masters program empowers our most engaged contributors to help others learn more about the Magento platform and to succeed in our ecosystem. Magento Masters are individuals who are selected for their contributions and involvement in the community. Learn more about the program below, Meet the Masters, and view the Community Hall of Fame.

Who are the Magento Masters?

Master Maker

Makers are frequent contributors highly valued by Magento and other community members. They actively engage with others in the Magento Community, sharing ideas, insights, innovations and constructive feedback.

Master Mentor

Mentors are top contributors to the Magento Community who are highly active in educating others and developing resources. They have proven expertise in building successful Magento implementations.

Master Mover

Movers are thought leaders and industry influencers who deliver best-in-class Magento implementations, and advocate for Magento at a variety of events. Magento Movers demonstrate expertise in driving innovation throughout the ecosystem.

Rewards & Benefits

Invitations to special events
Involvement in community feedback opportunities
Discounts on events and certifications
Quarterly Magento Masters calls with the Magento team
Recognition at events, including the Magento Imagine conference
Introduction into Magento Community Hall of Fame

The Selection Process

A Magento Master is any individual involved in the Magento ecosystem who regularly participates in the community, is a good steward of the brand, helps to create a positive environment, and consistently adds value to the community.

Magento Masters are selected based on internal nominations. They are measured by a scoring system based on: speaking engagements, Magento Forums, Magento StackExchange, organizing Magento-centric events, Magento codebase, and translations.

All Magento Masters members will need to re-qualify annually and will be inducted and formally recognized at the Magento Imagine conference.