Magento Expert Consulting Group

Specialists in architecting and optimizing high performing Magento sites

Ensure Your Success on Magento

Magento Expert Consulting Group combines unique architectural and project management expertise with extensive market experience to help you achieve success with the Magento suite of products. Our skills and services reduce operational risk, optimize overall TCO, reinforce delivery quality, and accelerate your time-to-value.

"Collaborating with ECG is like having two high-end firms working on behalf of one client, minus the egos and competition. The results are consistently stellar."

John Kraft

Binary Anvil, Magento Solution Partner

Migration Services

Migration services ensure your smooth migration from Magento 1 to Magento 2, so you can benefit from the most advanced features and architecture. A comprehensive review and assessment of your entire Magento deployment will provide strategies for successful migration, and if desired management of your actual migration.

Business Analysis

Lowers deployment cost and speeds up your implementation while giving you an understanding of how business needs, processes, and back-end systems align with Magento capabilities. An on-site Business Analyst helps craft functional and system integration requirements for complex Magento deployments.

Architecture Advisory

Reduces TCO and minimizes customizations resulting in maximum efficiency and performance of your Magento investment. Provides on-site assistance from an Architect with architecture planning and decision-making experience.

Code Audit

Improves uptime and lowers development costs by ensuring customizations, integrations, or third-party modules are future-proof and operate without impacting native functionality. This is a review of your code base and integrations with recommendations to help ensure optimal operation.

Performance Review

Improves site response times and identifies bottlenecks in performance while giving you clarity on stress and capacity limitations. This performance evaluation of your production environment provides recommendations for improving site speed, capacity, and response times based on your unique needs.

Health Check

Gain confidence in your site’s ability to scale and handle your load needs. An evaluation of your code base, server configuration, and production environment results in recommendations for maximizing the efficiency and performance of your entire Magento deployment.

Technical Account Manager

Reduces operational risk, accelerates time-to-market, and provides you knowledge in best practice process and methodologies. A dedicated account manager assists your business team with roadmap decision-making and aligning development efforts with budget and business goals.

Preferred Service

Ensures a successful Magento deployment with high delivery quality and faster time-to-value. A full consulting team (lead by a Technical Account Manager) provides end-to-end guidance, strategic counsel, and problem-solving across all stages of your project lifecycle.