Body & Fit Needed a Platform with Muscle

A solution built for massive growth.

The Dutch retailer Body & Fit opened for business in 1995 with two brick-and-mortar stores. Twenty years later it’s known as a pure-play online retailer with a 6,400 square-foot warehouse, where 160 employees process 6,000 orders per day. In the beginning, the company focused on body builders, but today it sells products for endurance sports, diet, nutrition, and lifestyle, making it a household name for anyone who wants to live a healthier life. The company is currently the market leader in the Netherlands and is growing fast, with big ambitions: “Our ultimate goal is to conquer the world as the fit people’s supermarket,” said Fritjof Haalboom, ICT Manager at Body & Fit.

However, Body & Fit’s eCommerce solution wasn’t strong enough to do the heavy lifting. It was time for an upgrade. Body & Fit decided to switch to Magento Commerce. To complete their digital transformation they partnered with MediaCT, a Magento Solution Specialist based in the Netherlands.

For us, it’s important to have a trustworthy platform and partner that gives support whenever it’s needed.

Fritjof Haalboom

ICT Manager, Body & Fit

International expansion made easy.

Body & Fit chose Magento Commerce because of its flexibility, its quick time-to-market, and its ability to handle tens of thousands of SKUs. The platform’s strong reputation for launching multiple stores from one database appealed to Body & Fit, who operate Belgian, French, and German online stores. In fact international sales account for 15 percent of the company’s total orders. Magento Commerce made this easy: “To keep it all manageable, we work from one central database and we have store views in Dutch, French, and German,” said Haalboom. Magento customer service was also important, added Haalboom, “Because even if we go offline for ten minutes, it could cost us hundreds of orders. So for us, it’s important to have a trustworthy platform and partner that gives support whenever it’s needed.”

Now, Body & Fit are turning their attention to their B2B portal, which currently processes 100 orders per day, serving European companies. "This doesn't seem like much, but these are very big orders," Haalboom explains. Body & Fit are now looking at using Magento Commerce 2 for the B2B portal, as the platform has shown clear benefits for the B2B market. “Eventually our online store will also switch to this new Magento version,” he added.


A store that does the heavy lifting.

The complete redesign was a great success. With a totally responsive mobile site, Body & Fit customers can shop from anywhere, including the gym. Thanks to an integration with the Dutch postal service (PostNL), customers can choose a local pickup place, or select a day and time for delivery—there’s even an option for ‘fresh’ deliveries that need to arrive cool. The results speak for themselves: Mobile conversion grew 40 percent, while overall conversion across the business increased by 15 percent. Imagine what Magento Commerce can do for your business.

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