How Haarshop Upgraded to Enterprise-Level Commerce

Haarshop needed the flexibility and scalability of an enterprise-level solution.

For the Dutch hair and beauty retailer Haarshop, business was booming. Yet the company still operated under the guise of a startup. Their online offering had grown to over 14,000 hair and beauty products, and they were processing hundreds of orders a day – but they needed to think bigger. Their web store was built and managed by an in-house developer, and when he went on vacation, so did their platform. The brand had ambitious business goals for product partnerships, foreign ventures, and B2B sales. Haarshop needed to upgrade. They needed a more accessible and flexible platform solution to support their enterprise-level growth. Thanks to Magento Solution Partner MediaCT, they found Magento Commerce. With Magento, Haarshop would have the scalability they needed to meet evolving business goals.


We chose Magento because it has the standard functionalities out-of-box and it's being developed for a wide-range of eCommerce businesses. As a result, we have a stable solution that will grow with our business.

Daan Jolink

Financial Manager, Haarshop

Magento gave Haarshop a simple, fast checkout experience.

With Magento, Haarshop found the platform flexibility they needed. Frustrated with the poor search functionalities of their previous site, the team set about simplifying the user experience. By building a new filtering system, customers can quickly find products and product information. A ‘My Account’ option allows customers to save their shopping cart and purchase history for their next visit, reducing lost sales. A simplified checkout guides customers through the purchasing process with ease. And finally, a blog refresh helped to increase customer traffic to the site. With Magento extensions, Haarshop customized their functionality seamlessly. They are using tools like Hotjar and Google Analytics to analyze their customers' behavior. They also integrated Mailplus for email marketing, and Exact Globe to manage their ERP and CRM solutions. The result was an online store built for growth.

Traffic doubled. Conversion rates grew 20 percent.

The new Haarshop web store launched in May 2016. Straight away, Haarshop was impressed with the improved website performance and flexibility. With product information easier to find, they found their customer service team received fewer questions about product use. Overall, the online business was running smoothly. “Instead of constantly getting rebuffed in our ambitions, I get the feeling everything happens ten times faster. We are now active in Belgium and investigating expanding to Germany,” says Daan Jolink, the Financial Manager at Haarshop. Since the launch, backorders have been reduced by 50 percent. The subscription database is growing, blog traffic has doubled, and conversion rates have grown 20 percent. Combined with better customer insights, Haarshop is now scoring a five percent conversion rate on average with over 2000 B2C orders each week. 75 percent of visitors make purchases during their first site visit. For Haarshop there is no limit to their future success. 

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With Magento, we were able to grow harder than before. If we want to do something, it is easily achievable thanks to MediaCT's efforts and the thousands of extensions and integrations that are available to us.

Daan Jolink

Financial Manager, Haarshop