Jomashop Knew it was Time for a Change

Jomashop needed an eCommerce platform like their watches: beautiful, reliable, robust

Since 1987, Jomashop has committed to helping customers find value in their quest for fine timepieces, writing instruments, handbags, and fashion accessories. From high-end Rolex watches, to more affordable models by Seiko and Timex, you’ll find what you’re looking for at This commitment to quality and customer service has launched them to #161 on the Internet Retailer Top 500 list.


Jomashop’s spectacular success didn’t happen overnight. The retailer has been building their business for thirty years, and opened their first eCommerce store in 1999. Their original webstore was built on the SaaS-based Yahoo Small Business platform, which they eventually outgrew. To support their steady growth, Jomashop knew they need something more sophisticated and scalable. They needed to trade in their Timex for a Rolex.  

Like its customers, Jomashop was looking for a combination of quality and value. They found what they were looking for with Magento Commerce (formerly Magento Enterprise Edition) and Enterprise Solution Partner Corra. Jomashop was impressed by the Magento Marketplace and partner network with its third-party extensions, developers, and system integrators. The goal was to build an eCommerce site that was flexible, agile, and easy enough for its business team to use without coding or technical skills. 

On our old platform, making a change took hours and required technical skills. Now it’s almost immediate and we can do it ourselves.

Osher Karnowsky

General Manager, Jomashop

Magento delivered the perfect balance of style and features

The goal for Jomashop was to earn the trust and loyalty of their customers. This meant providing the right balance of pricing, product curation, and customer service. The visual style of the new site gave partners more confidence in the business, and helped Jomashop expand their brand offerings. Using Magento, Jomashop quickly expanded the number of product categories, making it easier for customers to find the perfect diving watch or handbag. 

Meanwhile, the marketing team can now manage promotions, offers, and content updates directly. Before Magento, they had to involve their technical team, causing delays and unneeded frustration. The new platform was the foundation for a sophisticated marketing strategy executed across email, affiliates, PPC (+ retargeting), social, traditional mail and catalogs, and organic search. Jomashop effectively integrated personalized online and offline campaigns, customized to sync data between channels and segment users in real time. Today, Jomashop’s emails offer customers the specific products they want, when they want them. With a minimum 20x return on its marketing spend and as high as 250x on specific campaigns / channels, Jomashop’s marketing is humming.

The ability to quickly innovate and personalize customer experiences across digital channels has been key to the new site’s success. Faster online shopping with fewer clicks keeps customers engaged and moving towards the effortless checkout process—on both desktop and mobile devices, thanks to the fully-responsive Magento theme. Faster page load times means nothing stands between the customer and their dream purchase.  

 “Our new website  mimicks  the amazing feeling you get when you walk into a luxury watch store,” says Osher Karnowsky, General Manager at Jomashop.

40% year-over-year growth

As the foundation of Jomashop’s state-of-­the-­art eCommerce site, Magento delivers features that entice their customers to buy, giving a significant boost to business growth. In 2016, Jomashop saw online sales jump by more than 40 percent year-over-year, largely thanks to the strength of the Magento platform.

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Our success is a direct result of the flexibility, scalability, and customer service we received from Magento. It is a great company to work with.

Osher Karnowsky

General Manager, Jomashop