Kurt Geiger Steps Forward with Magento Commerce

Kurt Geiger wanted to drive overall online growth. They also needed a platform to fit their brand's personality.

British fashion footwear retailer Kurt Geiger manages multiple fashion brands across various global channels. These include the popular online stores kurtgeiger.com, ninewest.co.uk, and shoeaholics.com. A long-time Magento client, Kurt Geiger selected Ninewest.co.uk as the first property to move to the Magento Commerce Version 2 platform. They needed to deliver a highly personalized site that could scale to support their growth goals, while providing a unique online shopping experience.


Magento 2 is a modern architecture that will allow us to go further, and faster. It makes it easy for us to take advantage of out-of-the-box features, and for our in-house developers to create the unique shopping experiences we want for our brands.

Tomas Griffin

Technical Lead For Magento 2 Project, Kurt Geiger

How Magento helped Kurt Geiger step out of the box.

Performance and scalability were primary drivers of the move to Magento Commerce. And with a rich set of features and third-party extensions, the platform improvements in Magento 2 empowered Kurt Geiger to enhance performance while reducing development costs.

The support for Varnish caching out-of-the box made it much easier to implement and maintain during Kurt Geiger’s peak selling seasons. The Magento Commerce Version 2 scalable order management system allows the team to easily add servers horizontally to adjust for spikes in traffic. In addition, the modularization of the platform provides opportunities for additional scaling and performance improvements on individual areas of the site, rather than scaling the “whole farm”.

The flexible frontend development process, together with the modular code base, made for faster and easier development to meet the needs of the new site. With an integrated testing framework Kurt Geiger could easily incorporate the platform into their standard development process, while improved code quality sped up the QA process.

To enhance the online shopping experience, Kurt Geiger leveraged the new Magento Commerce Version 2 checkout process “out-of-the-box”. It was exactly what the team needed to remove a known conversion barrier by making “guest checkout” the assumed preference for the shopper. The responsive design reference themes were also a big bonus. Kurt Geiger’s in-house designers love the themes because they are easy to implement, and flexible. And the availability of migration tools and quality support and documentation made the process of migrating customer data from the existing Magento Commerce Version 1.10 (formerly Magento Enterprise Edition 1.10) site to their Magento Commerce Version 2 site as easy as slipping on a comfortable pair of loafers.

Amazing customer experiences, across all devices.

Kurt Geiger’s move to the Magento Commerce Version 2 platform enabled them to offer their customers a rich and engaging experience across all devices. The result was a big drive towards their growth goals. With the launch of the ninewest.co.uk site, Kurt Geiger has taken the first step in a critical journey that will empower them to quickly and affordably create unique experiences to boost engagement, sales, and the bottom line across all their online brands.

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Migrating to Magento 2 was as easy as slipping on a comfortable pair of loafers.