British Shoemaker Loake Finds the Right Pairing with Magento Commerce

Loake wanted to go global, in comfort.

In 1880, three brothers in Kettering, England, banded together in a small outbuilding and came up with the idea to construct fine, handmade shoes. They would name their brand Loake, after their last name, and ever since, their classic English shoes have left a lasting imprint worldwide. The brothers used the ‘Goodyear welted’ shoe-making technique, the oldest, most labor intensive method of shoe construction, which made their shoes a market staple. Over the course of history, Loake has served generations of army and naval officers in Great Britain and beyond. In fact, Loake estimates that since the brand began, they have made over 50 million pairs of Goodyear welted shoes.


Today, Loake exports their Goodyear welted shoes and a wide-range of gentleman’s shoes to more than 50 countries. Loake was content with their original Magento Commerce Version 1 (formerly Magento Enterprise Edition) site, but were curious how the added agility of Magento Commerce Version 2 could improve their business. To keep pace with competitors, they needed to increase their global marketing content. With continued international expansion in mind, the classic shoemaker needed a responsive eCommerce platform that could comfortably carry their tradition into a durable future. 

Loake wanted to build on its long-term relationship with Magento Commerce and Magento Enterprise Partner Screen Pages to increase conversion rates and improve how it engages with customers.

Andrew Loake

Managing Director at Loake

After 130 years of tradition, Loake steps into the future.

Loake was ready to take the next step. Together with Magento Solution Partner, Screen Pages, they easily migrated their Magento Commerce Version 1 data to Magento Commerce Version 2. Checkout was streamlined with credit card, Amazon, and PayPal payment options, and two-factor authentication for added customer security. With Magento Commerce, Loake was ready to expand into the global market. Screen Pages outfitted their rest-of-the-world store with configurable eCommerce account elements, making it easy for Loake to enable them at the flick of a switch. To provide full functionality, a GEO-IP location was employed for customers outside the UK.

Powered by Magento Commerce, Loake now has rich content-managed block functionality for their homepage and other CMS pages, to give them full control over their content. With video, product, and newsletter signup blocks, Loake can maximize their content marketing to global customers. They also added to their order confirmation emails, a ‘product tease’ feature to effectively retarget existing customers. 

Magento Commerce helped Loake to comprehensively extend their site’s variant selection functionality to allow for backorder or out-of-stock handling. Integration with Prima ERP for stock, order, and order status updates also gave them full control over their merchandise. 

Greater control means huge conversion.

In just four months, Loake launched a new, fully responsive site on Magento Commerce. Since the launch in December 2016, conversion rates on mobile have increased by 96 percent, and transactions 82 percent when compared to the same period last year. Overall, across all devices, conversion rates have increased by 45 percent. 

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