For Photospecialist, Developing a Responsive Online Store was a Snap

A complicated online store was holding Photospecialist back.

Since 1974, Photospecialist – known locally as Foto Konijnenberg – has made a name for itself as a specialist retailer of photographic and video equipment, operating several online stores across Europe. The brand found its success in providing a comprehensive product range, competitive prices, and expert advice. The digital revolution created a boom in mobile shopping, and Photospecialist found its customers were preferring to shop online over visiting a store. To secure the brand’s future, their aging and complicated webstore needed to be upgraded with a responsive, mobile-friendly site.


Photospecialist’s previous site was difficult to maintain, and making site changes were a massive undertaking. They wanted more flexibility to change features quickly, so they looked for a flexible solution that required little maintenance. They found what they needed in Magento Commerce. With Magento, integration and maintenance were made easy thanks to the expansive Magento ecosystem. With help from the Magento Solution Partner MediaCT, Photospecialist embarked upon a mission to upgrade their old online store into a futuristic, responsive Magento store.

We chose Magento because it's open source. There's lots of expertise and experience to benefit from, and because of that, we now have a very flexible, responsive website. It's perfect for the omnichannel experience our customer expects from us.

EricJan Hofman

eCommerce Manager, Photospecialist

A mobile-ready store, ready in a flash.

With Magento, Photospecialist was able to design the new site using out-of-the-box responsive templates, making their site easy to use for customers on all devices. They optimized their site capabilities easily using other extensions from the Magento Marketplace: Channable improved marketing exposure, they used Mailplus for email, Aheadworks Follow-Up Mail and Blog for retargeting and content, added credit card support from Buckaroo, and Webforms.

Before Magento, Photospecialist had little visibility over their online customers. By implementing a complex, custom-made Enterprise Resource Planning System, the brand can track each customer and strategically target them with promotions and email communications. Each point of contact is a new sales opportunity. Thanks to the improved omnichannel experience for mobile-dominant shoppers, Photospecialist is reaching customers faster than ever, with the best possible online experience. The integration of their complex ERP System has also made it possible to quickly launch into new territories and localize the website accordingly. 

A bright future ripe for expansion.

In September 2016, Photospecialist launched 10 new eCommerce sites on Magento. Each online store was integrated into one central platform and easily managed by the Photospecialist team. “We are now fully ready for the future. Our customers can find the products they are looking for even easier and faster,” says EricJan Hofman, eCommerce Manager at Photospecialist. And the numbers prove it. In 2016, Photospecialist saw an increase of 26 percent in website visits year-over-year. Revenue is forecasted to increase 20 percent in 2017 and transactions by 24 percent. Thanks to Magento, Photospecialist can now keep pace with the fast changes of the photography and video industry.

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Thanks to Magento and MediaCT, we are now able to scale even more easily. We grow hard and that's easy when the software works just like it should.

EricJan Hofman

eCommerce Manager, Photospecialist