QuestMark Delivers Sky High Customer Satisfaction with Magento

QuestMark wanted to make it easier for its B2B customers to shop online.

QuestMark is a division of the CentiMark Corporation, North America’s largest roofing and flooring contractor with over 80 offices and 3,500 employees. QuestMark offers solutions for commercial, retail, and industrial floors. Although they have offered customers a digital channel for some time, more than 95 percent of their orders were still going through a sales representative. QuestMark wanted to make it easier for customers to order online, to lower costs through self-service, and offer a differentiated experience. They wanted their industrial buyers to benefit from a visual shopping experience modeled after consumer sites: “A buyer may be purchasing epoxy mortar, but he or she is also a B2C shopper,” said Greg Wilson, Senior Vice President and CIO at CentiMark. Wilson knew that improving the interface of QuestMark’s existing commerce platform would be both expensive and time-consuming. When the company evaluated various digital commerce partners, the decision was easy: They chose Magento.


We expect that our digital commerce channel will have a material impact on our business.

John Scanlon

Executive Vice President and Director of QuestMark Division

Magento drives down costs while satisfying the needs of buyers.

QuestMark chose Magento for both technical and business reasons. First, Magento had out-of-the-box functionality to create a user experience that would encourage QuestMark customers to make the shift to digital. “With our previous site, we would have incurred significant customization costs,” said Lisa Mychalishyn, SAP Developer. The scale and strength of the Magento ecosystem also brought advantages: “The massive installed base, the availability of skilled partners, and the marketplace for Magento extensions – all of these factors drive down our total cost of ownership over the long term,” Greg Wilson added.

QuestMark engaged Magento partner Classy Llama for the site design, implementation, and ongoing support. It focused on integrations with SAP and the CH Robinson shipping API. QuestMark also delegated its catalog management to a business user, which would not have been possible without Magento. As Wilson explained: “The business likes being in control of changes.”

Today, QuestMark’s entire 50-person sales team uses the Magento administration panel to place orders. “In order for our sales force to promote self-service, we wanted to make sure they were proficient,” Wilson noted. “They have really embraced the Magento platform.”

QuestMark is in control of their future.

The new QuestMark site went live in September 2016, and the results were spectacular: The average order value increased by 61 percent, the number of transactions shot up by 393 percent, and the company enjoyed a staggering 633 percent increase in sales. That's the power of Magento.


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