How Ray Allen Harnessed the Power of Magento 2 For B2B and B2C

A 67-year-old business needed a digital transformation.

In 1948, Ray Allen and his wife Frankie opened a small saddle and harness business in Colorado Springs. When the US Army relocated its dog program to nearby Camp Carson in the early 1950s, Allen provided basic products for its hard-working military dogs. Soon, every K-9 Corps trainee was given a dollar and directions to Ray’s shop to buy his leash and collar. Seventy years later, Ray Allen is a leader in the K-9 equipment industry, supplying dog harnesses, collars, bite-suits, tactical gear, and accessories to everyone from the police and military to canine professionals and enthusiasts. The late Ray Allen was a great innovator, and his company retained his forward-thinking mindset. In late 2015, Ray Allen Manufacturing decided to become a pioneer in the eCommerce space.

Ray Allen knew commerce was undergoing a digital transformation in both B2B and B2C markets. But their previous eCommerce system was draining efficiency, providing an underwhelming online experience, and costing them new business due to a poor SEO footprint. To compete for another 90 years, Ray Allen needed a total overhaul to replace their dated systems. Their goal was to manage their multiple B2B and B2C stores from a single platform, integrate a new ERP, harness the power of business intelligence, and add dynamic SEO to bring in new customers. And when the solution partner Kensium showed Ray Allen the potential of Magento Commerce 2, the decision was easy.

"The move to Magento 2 has allowed us to better manage our multiple sites utilizing one inventory. It also greatly simplifies order management."

John Oakley

VP Operations, Ray Allen

An out-of-the-box omnichannel experience

Kensium started by integrating Ray Allen’s five separate websites into a single Magento admin, allowing the team to more efficiently allocate their resources. By automatically pooling the eCommerce information from all their brands, managing their different customers and products became easy. The ability to segment data also gave Ray Allen powerful insights that would fuel profitable business decisions.

When it came to B2B, Magento Commerce 2 came with several out-of-the-box features that enhanced the customer experience: Quote management modules, an order-by-SKU feature, and tailored pricing rules made business purchases fast and easy. Ray Allen also built a B2B-exclusive section on their site for registered users to manage their business accounts and review transactions. With new and existing B2B customers now using the website to complete orders, sales increased while the time spent taking telephone orders dropped. This self-serve B2B functionality also eliminated various hurdles in the ordering process for both customers and employees.

Overall, Ray Allen took full advantage of the flexible Magento codebase to create an entire eCommerce system. They linked their stores with Acumatica Cloud ERP for accounting and inventory management, and leveraged their system integrations to enable customer-initiated returns and exchanges, cutting support costs. Ray Allen also knew there were profits to be made by selling through multiple channels, and connected their Magento back-end to Amazon, fulfilling these orders directly from the Ray Allen warehouse. 

Magento delivered a 21st Century commerce system.

In February of 2016, Ray Allen Manufacturing became one of the first companies in the world to go live on Magento Commerce 2. With their new B2C and B2B capabilities, the company can effectively source and track inventory and facilitate smooth eCommerce operations with Magento and their new ERP system. With multiple uniquely branded sites on the same framework for the manufacturer, retailer, and distributor, each customer experience is tailor-made and intuitive.

For Ray Allen, native Magento marketing tools make staging, previewing, and scheduling marketing campaigns fast and simple. And for their customer, intuitive navigation makes product discovery a breeze, with new product sections delivering strong cross-selling potential. Thanks to the responsive Magento 2 web design, users can browse any Ray Allen store from almost any device, and the easy checkout drives more conversions. For a company that was established before the advent of color television, Ray Allen’s digital transformation has bought this storied American company into the 21st Century.

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"Magento Commerce 2 provides more flexibility, allowing us to customize our sites and improve our customer’s shopping experience."

John Oakley

VP Operations, Ray Allen