Create richer shopping experiences with Page Builder

Own your narrative with powerful content creation tools that enable merchants to create best-in-class shopping experiences without creative limits or the need for developer support

B2B and B2C: Experience the Hybrid Power of Magento Commerce

Experience our interactive product simulation and learn how we set the standard for hybrid eCommerce.

Effortless control over your site content for maximum engagement

Magento Commerce plus Express Package equals Your Successful Store

Save time and resources

Reduce the time needed to manage site content with in-line editing, reusable dynamic blocks, and the ability to save pages and content layouts as templates to reuse across multiple sites. Design content updates, preview them live, and schedule publication without dependencies on other teams. Allow developers to focus their efforts on building unique shopping experiences that differentiate your brand.

Engage shoppers with fresh, rich content

Create pages that engage shoppers with powerful content types – including images, videos, and banners – and encourage repeat visits by keeping content fresh and up-to-date with an intuitive drag-and-drop content management interface. Blend content and commerce by enriching product detail pages, quickly adding products to content pages, and improving product discovery with custom content on category pages.

Take control over your brand

Marketers control how their content pages are laid out and have the ability to create without involving front-end developers. Design pages how you want with flexible content layouts then add and position elements with no code required.

Make Page Builder your own

Customize Page Builder to create page designs that match your brand voice. Extend existing content types or create new ones from scratch to meet the content needs of your business.

“With Page Builder, I can build a modern page in minutes; easily drag and drop in fully responsive blocks, graphic assets, products and text. Depending on how much content I want to share on the page, the whole process takes 20 - 60 minutes and virtually eliminates the need for a front-end developer and is light years ahead of a standard WYSIWYG editor.”

– Tim Reibling
CEO, VEGA Direct Inc.

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