Magento Commerce Tips & Tricks Video Series

The tips and tricks video series is designed to help you quickly get the most out Magento Commerce. Learn how to improve customer engagement in ways that help build better lifetime value and loyalty — all while using out-of-the-box features and capabilities.

Tips & Tricks Introduction:  I’m up and selling online…now what?

Introduction: I’m up and selling online…now what?

The tips and tricks video series will focus on the three commerce foundations; profiling, engagement and analytics. Each video will successively show how you can rapidly and cost effectively impact your digital commerce business.

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In this section, learn how to profile and manage audiences for better merchandising and marketing

Tips & Tricks Episode 1:  Profiling - Customer Attributes

Episode 1

Building Relevant Profiles

Tips & Tricks Episode 2:  Profiling - Customer Audiences

Episode 2

Audience Management

Tips & Tricks Episode 3: Profiling - Catalog Profiling

Episode 3

Catalog Profiling

Tips & Tricks Episode 4: Profiling - Cataloging Non-Products

Episode 4

Cataloging Non-Products


In this section, learn how to deliver more relevant and visually engaging experiences, ensuring the right products appear for the right people at the right time

Engagement: CMS Landing Pages

Episode 5

Engagement: CMS Landing Pages

Engagement: Staging and Preview

Episode 6

Engagement: Staging and Preview

Engagement: Targeted Promotions

Episode 7

Engagement: Targeted Promotions

Engagement: Targeted Recommendations

Episode 8

Engagement: Targeted Recommendations

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Magento 2 Developer Experience

Magento 2 Developer Experience

Are you a front-end or back-end developer? Get a deeper dive into Magento Commerce with this video demo of how you can easily deploy Magento Commerce.