Mimosas & Magento

When: February 22, 2018

Where: San Diego, CA

Are you ready to make the move to M2? How do you know when the time is right and if you're fully prepared?

Join Digtal Operative and Magento for Mimosas & Magento and learn how M2 can facilitate growth and scalability for your business in a casual, interactive, and educational setting. We'll talk about your biggest concerns, how to prepare, and the secrets to making your replatform smooth and successful.

Our speaker line-up is made up of experts with years of experience in technical strategy, development, and ecommerce, including DJO Global, a mutual client of both Digital Operative and Magento that is currently moving multiple brands to a multisite M2 platform. Each brand has its own set of requirements, taking advantage of Magento's customization abilities which include B2C and B2B setup, ERP connectivity, custom pricing tiers, custom account permissions, and multiple design themes.