The Rise and Success of B2B eCommerce

When: January 09, 2018

In less than three years the global B2B ecommerce industry is set to exceed $12 trillion, more than twice than what it was a decade ago. From wholesale to manufacturing to retail, B2B has quickly surpassed that of online consumer-driven sales. However, regardless of the sales driven through B2B ecommerce, many companies are still falling behind on even the most basic of solutions needed to compete in the space.

In this webinar, Blue Acorn’s Chris Guerra breaks down some of the latest B2B trends we’ve seen after hearing from more than 100 manufacturers, wholesalers, and retailers. We will speak to Barco's Larry Wondolowski to learn how the B2B company solved those challenges, and Magento's Shannon Hane will describe how they address more obstacles with their new B2B functionality.