Magento for Food & Beverage

The Recipe For Success

According to Business Insider, the next five years will see a staggering 21 percent growth in online food and beverage sales. Thanks to the boom in specialty foods and customers’ desire to avoid the check-out line at the grocery store, the industry is set for a commerce revolution. Magento has all the ingredients you need to create a thriving food and beverage online store.

Create Delicious Mobile Experiences

Mobile devices have transformed how we enjoy and share food and beverages. So it’s more important than ever to deliver engaging and integrated shopping experiences across desktop, smartphone, and tablet. Magento offers built-in themes with mobile-responsive designs and a wealth of social media integration options to engage with your customers, whatever device they’re holding.

It’s Time to Get Personal

Today’s consumers are very particular. They don’t just want to buy red wine, they want to choose the particular grape, region, and even pairing suggestion. Personalizing your offering is essential. Magento allows you to easily segment consumers based on flavor profiles, pairings, preparation, occasion, and other preferences.

Smart Delivery Timing

Delivery timing is key to selling perishable goods. You need to provide customers with accurate delivery dates, especially for purchases driven by special occasions and holidays. By smoothly managing food and beverage order inventory and logistics across multiple systems and partners, you can significantly boost margins.

Robust Business System Integrations

To deliver on customer expectations for accurate, real-time information, you must have robust integrations to multiple databases and business systems. Magento works with your unique business systems, including ERP, PIM, POS, OMS, CRM, and CMS solutions using efficient web APIs. The flexible Magento framework can help you orchestrate these integrations, efficiently processing logic and routing.

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