E-store Assistant

i95Dev's E-store Assistant helps customers interact with a Magento 2 ecommerce store and place orders using their voice. There is no longer a need to depend on voice-enabled devices like Amazon Echo, Google Home, etc. to leverage the rising popularity of voice commerce.


Voice recognition has scaled to amazing heights, and has the potential to solve some amazing problems. E-store Assistant has wider applications and can be an amazing support tool for customers shopping online, but i95Dev’s motivation behind this was their customer Mobility Express.

Context 1 - Mobility Express supplies products for differently enabled consumers and i95Dev wanted to make shopping a seamless experience for them – while keeping things simple.

Context 2 – In addition to this, they heard a lot about how voice commerce will soon be the next big thing, however, they saw very few use cases of voice being leveraged to drive commerce.

I95Dev decided to bring these two contexts together and build a POC for Mobility Express – they wanted to enable Mobility Express’ customers to interact with their ecommerce store without any additional hardware or tools.

The E-store Assistant is a lightweight tool that requires very little modification to work seamlessly with any Magento ecommerce store. The application of the E-store Assistant is not limited to a small segment of end customers. It can be extended to act as an aid for store administrators to do things quickly and efficiently. It can also be extended to work with other devices like TV and in-store displays and emerging technologies like chatbots, VR, and AR.

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About the Innovator

This innovation was submitted to us by Kanthy Alaric Mutyam, Tech Lead at i95Dev, a Magento Solution Partner. Established in 2000, i95Dev is an ecommerce agency based out of North America, Australia and India, specializing in Magento consulting, design, development, integration and support. 

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