Pepper the Robot


SNOW.DOG brings us Pepper, a kind, friendly and emotional humanoid robot. Designed to be an assistant capable of registering, understanding and reacting to human emotions. Equipped with a 3D camera, omnidirectional wheels and directional microphones, Pepper is interactive, autonomous and ready for intuitive communication.

Pepper can help clients in purchasing choices. It is able to guide them through the entire shopping path, helping them to sort products, and choose the most interesting ones.

Using a tablet, it shows the products available and is able to advise every customer. The customer is carried out by Pepper throughout the entire process - from choosing shoes to buying them. Interaction with the robot is something innovative and makes shopping even more attractive.

Pepper the Robot



About the Innovator

This innovation was submitted to us by Wiktoria Serek, Product Manager at SNOW.DOG, a Magento Enterprise Solution Partner. SNOW.DOG is a highly skilled team of creative and curious people with deep knowledge of Magento, commerce and mobile platforms, and a passion for building the most innovative projects.

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