Pop-Up Autonomous Retail


Some of the biggest trends in retail have been pop-up stores, cashierless/staffless stores (e.g. Amazon Go), digital signage, electronic shelf labels (ESL), and green solutions. This portable innovation brought to us by showcases these benefits with Magento, other Adobe solutions, IOT, PWA, MSI, microcontrollers, 4G/5G, solar power, and other technologies.

This Magento-powered prototype from McFadyen Digital can transform last mile delivery by combining physical & digital (“phygital”) commerce. This autonomous store can be located anywhere (and easily relocated) for items carried in inventory (e.g. top sellers) or delivered to a locker (BOPIL). An ESL will pull product title, price, and other information from Magento.

Geofencing Fulfillment Strategies



About the Innovator

This innovation was submitted to us by Tom McFadyen, founder of McFadyen Digital, a Magento Solution Partner. Tom has overseen 250 eCommerce and marketplace implementations which cumulatively generate tens of billions of dollars of annual sales. Clients include dozens of the Fortune 500 and many sites generating over a billion dollars of revenue. He is an NRF Council chair and a frequent speaker at shows including NRF Big Show, IRCE, Magento Imagine, and others. He founded McFadyen Digital in 1987 and is honored to lead a great team in offices across the US, India and Brazil.

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