PWA WhatsApp Shopping Assistant

PWA-based purchase assistant to enable complete, repeatable purchases within WhatsApp.


In the modern digital age, users look forward to more personalized and intuitive experiences. Shopping Bots and automated responders are among a few of the top favored flavors.

Webkul built a personalized commerce experience on top of Magento PWA Studio – a personalized shopping assistant, right inside WhatsApp.

Using this innovation, customers can make a purchase within WhatsApp, using Magento PWA Studio. This is a great way for a single-channel purchase as well as repeat purchases. All purchase details are completely synchronized, including shipping details and product options as well. The store admin can browse orders which have been placed through WhatsApp from the back office.

This innovation helps to improve repeat sales and remove the complexities caused by slow internet, thanks to the offline capability powered by the progressive web app.

Webkul extends special thanks to Magento PWA Studio, which has enabled them to create these kinds of innovations.

PWA WhatsApp Shopping Assistant



About the Innovator

This innovation was submitted to us by Sagar Bathla, Lead Software Engineer and technology enthusiast working on Magento at Webkul Software, a Technology Partner. Webkul invests its time and resources into creating world-class easy to use software and applications for the enterprise business with top-notch, on the edge technology expertise.

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