Search By Image

Netstarter has developed an alternative solution to Mageno’s native full text catalog search, through the use of advanced AI image analyzing APIs. This is the next generation in ecommerce search. It allows anyone to save or take a photo of an item they are interested in and now be able to search and potentially find the same or a similar item to purchase.


The aim of creating this functionality is to provide a more seamless search experience for customers without using text, and simply by uploading an image. Using imagery to search allows for a more accurate result, as it can provide an actual representation of what is required. The AI will take care to ensure that the result is a close match. It can also be extended to allow for cropped image search or search via an image URL.

The feature can also be modified to focus on business specific requirements. For example, a wine store can focus on text, logo and numbers while a fashion store can give priority to texture, colors, and garment type.

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About the Innovator

This innovation was submitted to us by Ruzly Macksood, Associate Software Engineer at Netstarter (Pvt) Ltd Sri Lanka. Netstarter is a Magento Solution Partner, combining industry-leading technology with commerce innovation and proven digital marketing strategies to help brands achieve success with Magento.

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